Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goose roundup continues on Randalls Island

From the NY Times:

A gaggle of geese who were, at least temporarily, calling Randalls Island home were the target on Wednesday, the third day of a citywide roundup of geese that is expected to result in the destruction of some 2,000 birds.

And a great comment from the same page:

"Mayor Bloomberg gets to look like he’s doing SOMETHING when all he is doing is harming poor innocent geese. We have to learn to share this space with other species. But our Mayor can barely share New York City with other humans (unless they are developers, affluent or corporations) so I’m looking to the wrong source."


Donald Duck said...

How come all you Archie Bunkers cry so many crocodile tears for the Canadian geese?

They're Canadian!!! And they're in NYC illegally!!!!

You Bunkers whine so much about the illegal Mexicans, yet you're willing to provide a sanctuary city for the geese?????

What's next???

Are you going to advocate giving them welfare cards and providing them free bird seed??

Are you going to grant automatic citizenship rights to the goslings born in NYC? Do you really want to encourage a generation of anchor goslings????

Are you going to advocate giving the geese pilot's licenses for identification purposes????


Anonymous said...

They are not "Canadian" Geese. They are Canada Geese.

Anonymous said...

This is one of many scenarios as to why this city is in such a state of limbo and destruction. Bloomberg supports cruelty, according to the posting. Out with Mayor Gloomie & in with Mayor Avella.

Barack Hussein Obama said...

Swat those suckers.

Donald Duck said...

They are not "Canadian" Geese. They are Canada Geese.

See, that's how it all starts.

Next thing you'll be saying they're "Undocumented" geese!

Anonymous said...

Gassing and killing 2000 resident geese does not solve the problem, Mr. Mayor. The geese that downed the flight that landed in the Hudson were migratory geese…duh!! Also, Bloomy… if you heard their screams on Monday night over the East River during the culling, as I did, am certain you would apologize for your insensitive and idiotic “sweet dreams” comment. All Bloomberg is doing is catering to the ignorate masses. Canada geese can be successfully managed with nonlethal techniques including aversive conditioning, egg addling and landscape management. In short, geese are not attracted to places that are not attractive - and that simple approach should guide airport area managers and Bloomberg. Such an approach has been proposed for New York City for years and has been unfortunately rejected for years

Anonymous said...

fucken mayor vote his ass out please

linda said...

wow, one plane goes down in hudson river and thank god the pilot was bright enough to save everyone. and why would it be ok to kill off 2000 birds? simple it's a disgusting act done by this mayor, he could of used other methods and not stating his cruel remark, and he's jewish! shame on you, we should gas your ass.

Anonymous said...

I would rather save the life of a goose than to let a fucken illeagal immergrant stay in th U.S. and I would also like to beat the hell out of the blogger called "Donald Duck". You are a an asshole and we should throw your stupid ass out with the illeagals. JACK ASS if you want to protect these illeagals go back home with them.

Anonymous said...

Let's gas Bloomberg and all the workers that participated in this travesty! What a disgusting, vile program carried out by heartless, vicious individuals! Why not just modify the damn planes? You just know there's a pharmaceuticals firm behind this debacle. Enjoy another anti-depressant with your blood pressure and cholesterol meds. This country has been ruined by the oil, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries. This city has been ruined by Guiliani and Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Donald duck...I hope you have a daughter and she's sleeping with the illegals you defend so much. Since you love them soooo much, why dont you move to corona to live with them. Your the reason abortion needs to be kept legal.