Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Developer whines about building codes

From Crain's:

Brooklyn-based home renovator Alistair Economakis says Building Department regulations especially deserve rethinking. The department's permitting process is needlessly laborious, he says, and once construction starts, inspectors are sent every time anyone phones in a complaint to 311, often delaying projects.

City stop-work orders, which can take months to lift, even for small violations, are the most disruptive, “When work stops,” Mr. Economakis explains, “contractors don't get paid and workers get laid off.”

FYI, this is the son of a Greek shipping magnate who took a low-income apartment building and turned it into a one-family house.


F---kadopolis said...

To repeat actor Robert Di Niro's line from the movie "Analyze This"... "Fuckin' Greeks"!

Anonymous said...

Developers - quite your whining. If you build in accordance to city zoning rules and with safety in mind, people will not file complaints to 311. City stop-work orders are given for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Economakis had two stop work orders during renovations of his McMansion on East 3rd St. One was for lack of safety netting when the parapet wall on the roof was being replaced. Large chunks of brick and concrete were falling, causing a severe danger to people below. This is not a minor violation - and total irresponsibility on Econ's part. (the record is on the DOB website for 47 E. 3rd St.) He's a whiner because he's a spoiled brat.

Building on Your Head Party said...

The Building on Your Head Pary heartily agrees with Mr. Econmakis learned embrace of the Science of Building Collapses.

Remember, Building on your Head, kills tenants dead.