Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The corrupt nature of Christine Quinn

See how openly gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has betrayed NYC voters, the gay community and the democratic process while masquerading as a reformer.


Anonymous said...

Quinn has to go, please unite against her. She has used our money as her personal spending account. No more slush fund.

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when someone votes for a cadidate because he/she is one of "them" istead of issues and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Quinn learned very well from Turd, if there is something you dont want to talk about, just say the questions have already been asked and answered (when they haven't been.) Obama says most all economists, left and right, agree with a stimulus plan like his. Gore evades questions about global warming by saying that the science has been settled.

Politicians have learned that, in an information age, it is much more difficult to flat out lie. Their speeches, hearings etc, are recorded on youtube, whatever they say is recorded in some shape or form. So now the tactic is just to say - THE DEBATE IS OVER AND WE REFUSE TO DISCUSS. Sweep their navel lint under our rug.

ANSWER - Keep asking and asking and asking and asking until their lack of a response becomes an issue in itself.

Sarah said...

Here's the fact, no matter if you are gay, straight, black, white jewish, catholic or anything else they are always LIBERALS first. And for liberals it's only about the power.

Anonymous said...

what a filthy pig.
no way will i live in a city where quinn is mayor

Anonymous said...

She has a primary opponent, so her constituents have a choice.

linda said...

wow she's a piece of shit and if she thinks by trying to pass gay marriage is going to help her with the gay community, i doubt it. men were wrongly arrested and she had her had in it who are we kidding. this bitch thinks she can control council memebers, well time for change we need to rid of all of them bring in fresh
faces. we should be demanding to know whats going on with the slush fund, bloomass shouldn't be able to just make it go away. I think bloomass and the entire staff should all be looked into and arrested.

Anonymous said...

Sarah said:
anything else they are always LIBERALS first. And for liberals it's only about the power.

And if your the Bush family,Strom Thurmond,Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich,Lindsey Graham,Mcconnell, Mr. Nixon(abuse of power beyond belief) Trent Lott, or Sarah palin its all about power and money to fill your pocket and district.

But Yes. Quinn is a Hypocrite and has learned well from former Republican Bull market man who wont fix anything,
El Duce bloomberg

Frank Jump said...

Quinn feet need to be held to the fire by the LGBT community. Fortunately, there are a small cadre of LGBT activists (i.e. Brendan Fay) who are willing to take the time out of their personal lives to organize these protests. Unfortunately, the gay and lesbian community in New York seems unwilling to take time from their personal lives to commit to issues that are important to our civil rights. The Quinn issue is just the tip of the iceberg. On a national level, we need to get off our tuchases and March on Washington for our marriage rights and the rights of those in the military. What will it take to motivate our community? When will others outside our community band together and fight for our rights as we did during the civil rights movement?

Tick tick tick tick...

Tenn. said...

Quinn is a lesbian Al Sharpton, showing up when another one of us is near dead from gay bashing to get her camera time off our misery.

I myself was bashed and attacked TWICE to the tune of 6 stitches to the side of my head in the W. Village and both of my calls to her office were never returned.

her sucking up to Bloomberg (Mikey gave the most to Bush in 2004 who then "won?" the election based on the Defense of Marriage Act (i.e. Americas extreme hatred of the gay people)and supported Bloomberg in overthrowing democracy by deciding he and 20 city council members are the deciding votes in term limits, that ought to work out real well for her too.

We as gay people have NO LEADERS other than a 72 yr old Larry Kramer in a wheelchair on his 3rd liver transplant.

Thank you for exposing this FRAUD.

Christine Quinn you are the worst piece of shit since Guiliani.