Monday, June 8, 2009

Classic New York City stupidity

Van ticketed with dead body inside

A New York City woman says her father apparently lay dead for weeks in a minivan while police repeatedly left parking tickets on the vehicle.

Jennifer Morales of Manhattan says it's believed her father, George Morales, died of a heart attack.

Morales said she had last heard from her dad in early May. Morales said she had contacted police; but police say they have no report on record.

A city marshal found the body of George Morales on Wednesday while trying to tow the minivan from beneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass. Parking tickets and dust covered the vehicle.


Anonymous said...

Proving what?

The answer being:

While you're alive you're basically invisible as far as NYC government is concerned.

When you're dead
you're only important enough (a cash cow) to be towed after accruing numerous parking citations.

And during the interim you go un-noticed until the city marshal gets wind of you.

Life sucks and NYC's bureaucracy is even worse!

Money (the collection of fines) is more important than human dignity.

G-d save us all!

Anonymous said...

The smell should have been a hint. However, I lived with the scent of decaying flesh for over a week while call after call to the police went unanswered.

My downstairs neighbor who was in a dispute with a violation-laden landlord who was trying to break rent control got repeatedly written off as a kook.

When the police finally came, people in Hazmat suits were required, but we next door neighbors were being poisoned all week.

Anonymous said...

Serves him right for parking illegaly!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when Crappy was going to pick up this one. Glad it's here for the record.