Tuesday, June 2, 2009

City reopens school it closed years ago

From the NY Post:

An unprecedented demand for public-school seats is compelling the city to reopen an Upper East Side elementary school closed eight years ago for low enrollment.

The long-sought resolution will let kids zoned for PS 151 stay in the neighborhood rather than enter a lottery and risk busing to nearby sites.

You mean to tell me that we have school buildings in this City collecting dust with all the overcrowding going on?


PizzaBagel said...

Also, if I understand correctly, when a school is deemed to be underperforming it is closed and its students and teachers are sent elsewhere, right? If that's so, then what purpose does that serve? It just moves the problem around to other schools.

Lino said...

That building is over a hundred years of age. It lacks a proper auditorium, lunchroom or gym (they are combined) but, it does include James Cagney and Ruby Keeler as alums.

Anonymous said...

I went to a hundred year old school.

We ate our lunch in homeroom.

I was there to lean not do the latest hip hop contortion on a dance floor!

Anonymous said...

Opps...no Freudian slip...just an "R" omission in key stroking.

I went there to LEARN!

Taxpayer said...

Seizing property belonging to a private owner is one way of obtaining a building for a school.

But, there's no kickback involved.

Purchasing private property at an inflated price is also a way to obtain a building or land for a school.

And the inflated price is an opportunity for kickbacks.

So, why seize property? To punish property owners who piss you off!

Why take a school building out of service by shutting its doors? To enhance the false claim that additional property must be seized or purchased for inflated prices.

Let's shut the doors on this failed Commissar on November 3.

Dump the Commissar!

Ajlouny said...

Isn't that incredible, over crowding of the other schools because one has low enrollment. It doesn't make very much sense does it?

injurydoctornyc said...

Thats outrageous, My son is in currently attending school and he has 20 kids in a class, which is decent. But my family back west, they got kids with 35-40 kids in classes. So if their is classes just sitting out there collecting dust, i would be a little ticked off too.