Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brooklyn Paper redefines "vibrant"

Idiocy from the Brooklyn Paper:

One need not be a hopeless romantic to appreciate the value of a professional sports team to a city like Brooklyn — which would be the fifth-largest in the country were it not shackled to the larger Gotham. Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and even Nassau County have their own major league teams — and the vibrancy that come with them — so it is appropriate that Brooklyn gets some of the action, too.

Vibrant? Have the editors over there walked around the other sports venues in this city? Yankee Stadium is in a ghetto, you can pick up a hooker a block away from MSG, CitiField sits within a neglected park across the street from a neglected industrial park and they don't call it the "Nassau Mausoleum" for nuthin'...

Sports arenas simply aren't engines for economic development. And that new design is hideous. Ratner might as well hire Scarano!

No Land Grab has another take:

Did the Brooklyn Paper miss the big news from the State Senate hearing two weeks ago, you know, the bit where the city's Independent Budget Office declared the arena a money-loser for the taxpayers? Now that's an economic development opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Have you been trolling for hookers near MSG Crapper? Have you even been there in the last 15 years?

Anonymous said...

If this gets built, the NBA will be begging/threatening for a newer stadium in five years.