Monday, June 1, 2009

Bronx baby dies of swine flu

From the Daily News:

A Bronx infant has become the fifth New Yorker suffering from swine flu to die, the boy's family and an official close to his case told the Daily News yesterday.

Eleven-week-old Steven MontaƱez was already sick with swine flu when his aunt found the boy unconscious on Thursday, an autopsy revealed.

"I went in to check up on him, I turned him around and he was purple," said his aunt, Jennifer Castellanos, 18. "He was a completely healthy baby."

"The Health Department told us he died because of swine flu," she added.


linda said...

omg, this is just too sad and if i were the family i would be blasting this mayor on how he handled this entire thing. i cannot imagine how they are going to get through this. let's see now how this a-0 of a mayor responds to this one. no parent should have to bury a child and especially one that could of been prevented. my heart and prays go out to this family. god bless

Anonymous said...

People better take this flu seriously. With any luck this flu will not become a full-blown pandemic like in 1918, but we have to resolve to stamp it out fast.

I fear that the number of people in temp jobs or jobs that are hanging by a thread will exacerbate the potential seriousness since they are more likely to come in while ill.

Anonymous said...

Bloomscuz and Klein should have closed down the schools!!!!!!!!

Even for a month if need be.

They were scared to lose $$$ from the state.

The schools are not a daycare for working parents!! They would have to make arrangements - like they do for 12 weeks out of the year anyway when schools are out.

Anonymous said...

DON'T VOTE for Bloomberg in this year's election. He's so busy blasting the public with his mayoral re-election campaign, he doesn't care about the safety of New Yokers. It's time for New Yorkers to vote for a fresh face in the Mayor's office.

NYC should be more forthcoming with these swine flu victims' underlying medical conditions, and to order the buildings where they worked or hanged out to be disinfected.

The 2nd New Yorker who died of swine flu was employed at the FEGS Health and Human Services System in The Bronx. Yet, it was the victim's family (NOT the NYC Health Dept) who informed people in the Bronx building that their family member died of swine flu.

According to the people who work there, there was no cleaning/disinfecting the Bronx building at all.

Anonymous said...

let's see now how this a-0 of a mayor responds to this one. no parent should have to bury a child and especially one that could of [sic] been prevented.

And how, pray tell, was the Mayor supposed to have prevented this child from contracting a flu? Is he supposed to fly around and tap everyone with his magic immunization wand?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that this was preventable or that it's even swine - you must read press releases from more than one outlet.

linda said...

hey the dumb ass mayor should of listened to all the parents that wanted to shut down all schools. but instead he kept saying it's not that bad, well try to explain that one to this poor family. hope no one in your family catches this, since there is no control and magic wand to use.

Anonymous said...

Old news. Swine flu was so last month. There are new restaurants, new condos, new bike lanes opening every day. And the mayor said crime is down yet again, so the papers are too busy kissing the mayo's ass over that, than to worry about some baby in the Bronx who died from....what was that name again????

Anonymous said...

I hope all take the flu seriously, my whole family is now sick after being at the big Apple circus last week in Cunningham park. There were 50-60 bus loads of students at the circus and I blame myself for still going inside to see the circus when I thought it might be smarter not to.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if schools where closed or not, the flu is all over the place. Even if you stay in your house, someone will have to deliver food and that person might be infected. Just like the regular flu, we will have to live with it until some vaccine is made.,2933,523877,00.html?test=latestnews

"Cases of the new H1N1 flu virus have now been found in all 50 U.S. states and tests have confirmed the virus in more than 10,000 people across the nation, U.S. officials said on Monday."

Anonymous said...

wow hope you and your family are doing better.

i went to p/u coldcuts in maspeth and the cashier was sick with the flu, hello why not stay home, better yet why didn't her job send her home. that's the problem people have to work and go to school and then they infect everyone.

Anonymous said...

NY1 said last night that there were only 400+ confirmed cases of the swine.

Doctors are told not to test. We don't know how many cases are out there!!!!!!!

My son was so sick last no means a mild case.

We need to know what is going on! We need the numbers. This could very well be a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

the doctor has told me that only people with severe symptoms who go to the hospital will be tested. Individual doctors are not testing. I've been told it takes a min 7- 10 days to get these latest flu symptoms out of your system. If you have asthma and or any other previous health issues before getting the flu, be very cautious. I had no past health issues, and now have trouble breathing. Stay inside, take whatever preventative medicine the doctor may give to keep the bacterias from growing and if the doctor advises, tylenol to help keep the fever down. The fever will come and go for a few days. Drink plenty of fluids. I still wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Anonymous said...

I just checked NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene website. I am VERY PUZZLED by the latest Swine Flu table shown on the website.

GET THIS, the NYC official website is posting that there are a total of 7 Swine Flu death in NYC. But I thought the latest Swine Flu death is the 11-week-old baby, who is Death #5 in NYC. The infant's death has already been recorded in the age 0-4 group. The 2 NEW deaths are in the age 25-64 group.

Did NYC secretly "announced" 2 more Swine Flu deaths Without contacting the media?

Click on this website link to see it for yourself.