Monday, June 1, 2009

Bloomberg admits he's an idiot

From AM-NY:

When asked this week whether he would commit to debating his opponents this year, he again told the reporter to "talk to the campaign."

Another reporter asked why he always responds that way. Isn't the decision ultimately yours, she asked.

The mayor answered that he has a team of paid consultants and isn't "smart enough" to make decisions without checking with them.


Anonymous said...

Bloomturd is a disgrace! He is using his great wealth to buy his position. When will New Yorkers wake up and realize that he is killing democracy. First he "influences" the city council to vote to extend the mayor's term in office, as well as their own. Then he already spends more money than any opponent can raise to run against him and the election is months away!

Well if American Idol and Britain's Got Talent is any indicator, then the underdog can win. Tony Avella is the best choice to restore decency and morality to a seriously tweeded government. It's been said before but I believe it is time to BRING IN THE FEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taxpayer said...

When this moron Commissar is finally out of town on January 1, 2010, we can all look back on his only contribution to public school education in New York City:

Parents and teachers can urge students to study more with the warning: "Do you want to grow up to be as stupid as that dwarf size, tantrum-throwing, freak who was the Commissar before Tony Avella replaced him to restore civility and sanity to this city?"

We can wake up and make this dream come true on November 3. We can boot this moron back to Boston, or to Bermuda, where he can count all the tax dollars he has been looting.

November 3 is Freedom Day!

Mr. What the...? said...

The importance of blog sites like the Queens Crap site is becoming more clear than ever. In a world where the media is corporate and government controlled, I find this the place to find news that is off the radar. Thank goodness for the internet!

What if, all of a sudden, Bloomturd and his media cronies, are able to shut down the only source of free and independent communication? Can't happen here, you say? POPPYCOCK!

Someone just sent me a YouTube video that is less than 2 minutes long but it may be the most important thing you watch in a long time. It talks about a bill proposed by the Obama administration that is designed to shut down the internet during an emergency...real or imagined.

Loved the messenger, the message not so much. The cat, by the way, steals the show.

Anonymous said...

That cat can catch a few of the rats running around in suits, including Monster rate.

Anonymous said...

Then he's not smart to run NYC by himself either without first consulting his well paid comrades in the real estate industry!


But Mayor Bum-turd doesn't see it that let's "reward" him at the polls by denying him his bid for a 3rd term!

VOTE FOR AVELLA....Bloomberg's extremely capable nemesis!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The German people didn't wake up to Adolf Hitler until it was already too late for them!

So it'll be adieu democracy in NYC!

Herr Bloomberg will most likely be our Reich's Chancellor for 4 more years!

Seig Heil...seig heil...seig heil!

And "thanks" be to all of you ignorant, lazy voters out there
for making this a strong possibility!

Anonymous said...

The feds don't give a flying f--k for NYC...'cause they've got bigger fish to fry these days.

The way they look at us is NYC is just a Sodom or Gomorrah and we well deserve our fate!

It's up to us voters to banish this diminutive dictator!

What is it with short people anyway?

They seem to always feel the need to overcompensate for their lowly stature by gobbling up our human rights.

i.e. Bonaparte, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes the fed does NOTHING when taxpayers of NYC are rob blindly with Slush funds and backdoor dealings and elections are FIXED, Many of the office holder are running unopposed. This is democracy? Bloomberg should die already.

Anonymous said...

He didn't need to admit he's an idiot.

It's self evident!

No violent references please.

The only place that Bloomberg needs to die is at the polls this November!

In the meantime his cold indifference towards NYC's middle class has already put hizzoner on death row.

Rest assured, the voters CAN shovel
the earth over Mike's face for his long awaited political dirt nap!

georgetheatheist said...

It's "Sieg Heil" not "Seig Heil". [Dumbkopf.]

Hey Crapper, you got something against Country Western?

linda said...

he's tuning up to sing his new "bloomass song" hey crapper how's that going?

i'm a jack ass, i'm a jackass and that's why i depend on my staff.... can't make decisions, can't make decisions because i have my head stuck up quinn's ass.

sick of this weasel let's make sure to rid of him in nov.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually Quinn has her head up this ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually Quinn has her head up his ass.

linda said...

true she does, but i liked the way it sounded.......:)

wow! now with his newest "ass" remarks about being: I am what I am, there should be country songs coming out of that one. lmao.......

Anonymous said...

Excuse my spelling error.

"George" being a Godless Nazi himself...would be expert in German spelling!

So a hearty "SIEG HEIL" to you...unless you're a communist!

In that case (phonetically since I don't know how to spell it) "SUK IM SEEM" (Russian for son of a bitch!

georgetheatheist said...

"...a Godless Nazi himself..."

Illiterate One. You do win the Godwin Prize for Nazi-appelatives.

More precisely, Simpleton, I am a Godless Objectivist. (This time try reading without moving your lips and using your finger.)