Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogger problem is very frustrating

Dear readers,

For the past couple of days, Blogger has been acting funny. I scheduled things to post and they didn't post, so I had to go back in and post them manually. There may be some things that you missed if you don't scroll past the last few posts. I'm sorry for the problem and hope that this issue will be fixed soon.

The titles missing this morning were:

Superfund the Gowanus

Manufacturing downsized, but not dead

Curious about congressional mailing

- Crappy


Anonymous said...

Its an attack by the political machine. Man the defenses!!!!!!
Call in the reserves!!!

Regina said...

It also made it impossible for me to post a comment. I was trying to post on the geese story so I'd look there for culprits ... sensitive story you know...

Hiram said...

I'll give ya a goose. Call me.
PS It's so lonely in Albany