Monday, April 6, 2009

Woodstock 2009 in the works for Brooklyn

From NY1:

Brooklyn's Prospect park is in the running to become the official site for the 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock concert.

The Parks Department says it's been in talks with promoter Michael Lang to bring the show to Prospect Park this summer.

The hope is to attract 150,000 people, with headliners from the original show along with newer acts like Dave Matthews and Phish.

The show would be free, but Lang would have to raise $8 million to $10 million to put it on, and the financing needs to be in place by the end of the month.

Hey, anyone remember Woodstock '99?

After some time, a large force of New York State Troopers, local police, and various other law enforcement showed up. Most had crowd control gear and proceeded to form a riot-line that flushed the crowd to the northwest, away from the stage located at the eastern end of the airfield. Few in the crowd offered strong resistance and they quickly dispersed back toward the campground and out the main entrance.

Police later reported that at least four rapes had occurred during the concert. Seven arrests were made on the final night of the concert and, afterward, police reviewed video footage, hoping to identify and hold accountable looters who, amid the chaos, had not been arrested. Some one-dozen trailers, a small bus and a number of booths and portable toilets were burned in the fray. Six people were injured.


-Joe said...

Hey, anyone remember Woodstock '99
Good god I thought I forgot that was so bogus and laden with greed.
The looting, violence, ripoff venders, miserable punk-rap bands

100,s of porta potties overflowed and people were skitching and sliding in it.
The were charging $7 for water Bottles till somebody figured out the 55 lighting and sound tower footings held 1000s of gallons.
The crowd started busting open the footings went sending a 100 Kilowatt lighting tower with several spotlight workers strapped to there seats to the ground.
This started a fire, then copy cat fires

Punks were throwing wet patches, grass bottles of urine, groping womens breasts and crotches crowd surfing.

Is this the citys plan to blight Prospet Park overnight and sell it to devopers ?

I remember seing the Ramones in the "Rub a Dub Pup" on Metro and 80th street.
People were not desructive, I remember Jeff smoking weed outside saying "Cool man, Cool man Hee Hee"

There are no more real bands, its mostly manufactured stuff.

Taylor Swift is the only one out there under 25 doing her own writing and playing

Anonymous said...

I think Joe gave us a good answer about that.

Kevin Walsh said...

Stay away from the brown acid, man.

Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

The most cogent analysis ever made of the Woodstock festival was the metaphysical analysis by Ayn Rand.

Check out her essay/lecture "Apollo vs Dionysus" (1969) at

Woodstock (1969) = Dionysian mud-wallowing VS The Moon Landing (1969) = Apollonian use of reason

Deconstructed brilliance!

Wade Nichols said...

"I want to know how come the Fascist pigs have been seeding the clouds?" - Idiot in crowd, captured in the Woodstock movie

Anonymous said...

Are they insane? Can you imagine the permanent damage to the lawn and trees alone? The weight of all those people can turn soil into cement.

I think some people are trying to recapture their youth. Get over it man, you are now well over 30.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I agree with Joe for once!

Why not have a 3-day festival at the gorgeous Bethel Ampitheatre that is built where Woodstock happened?

I think out of that whole batch of original players, the only 3 that could possibly pull it off with dignity in tact are Richie Havens, Neil Young and The Two (the Who). It's a scary comment on today's band but Townshend, Daltrey and company, impossibly even with Moon and Entwistle, can still put more anarchic energy into a 2+ hour set than most 20-something year olds out there!

Anonymous said...

ermm...I meant "without Moon or Entwistle"

Anonymous said...

Is anyone concerned about the overtime costs for the cops, firemen, EMS, Sanitation and every other city and state agency thet would be stretched even thinner than they are now, for this idocy??

-Joe said...

"I think some people are trying to recapture their youth"
Very True: Afer a wile HANG IT UP AND MOVE ON

Its a PITFULL SIGHT especially when its isnt working and they become self loathing cocked shotguns (Loaded 1/2 the time) that no longer give a F about anything.

I personally knew John Entwistle R.I.P I even Bass and Amp teched for him on some jobs.
He was no doubt THE funniest charactor I ever met, was very genorious. However the poor guy issues were only fueled more but his celeb status and what he had to live up to IMHO.

Viagra, Remey Martin, Cigaretts and hookers dont mix at 25 let alone 55.

One note about the British bands and especially THE CREWS. These people are infamous for this sort stuff + hardcore IV drug use.

-----Even sober these people look like walking death, just like the crew and first 10 rows of an Aerosmith show.

I gave it up and wanted no part of it right when the garbage came out of Seattle...

-Joe said...

There had been no more WHO since 1978.
This is straight from Entwistles mouth over 10 years ago.
John referred to the band as "TED".

Many of these guys spend $$ like madmen in Casinos.
They then tour every couple yaars to pay british property taxs on the mansions & avoid loosing them.

Its then back Embassy suits& buying $3800 belt buckles as the production crews sleep in cardboard boxes, Vans and folded hockey bleachers.

Thats the way unless your a contracted employee (Note I said EMPLOYEE) of Disney, Warner etc. now.


-Joe said...

Why not have a 3-day festival at the gorgeous Bethel Ampitheatre that is built where Woodstock happened?
After Clear Channel, SFX, Ticketmaster, and all the other special friends and bid rigging tickets would have to be $300-600 a day.

Personally people could pay me $500 to listen to Neal Young vocally wobble with a out of tune guitar a half hour -
---$1000 if it includes Harvest Moon material
---Good Lord !

You can see Ritchie Havens to Suzanne Vega perform 2 feet from your table @$75
at The Talkhouse in Amagansett


Liman said...

Kevin, Adrian Benepe already took the brown acid.

Anonymous said...

Is he still splashing around in his rowboat looking where to purifing himself in the waters of Lake Flushing ?

---- newer acts Phish ?
They been around +15 years already !!
Has anybody seen a Phish, Greatful Dead show exiting ?

How about "Night of The Walking Dead" !

Thee Cow tippers hitchike and follow them around the country with no money, selling drugs, tie dye, dancing in there own vomit ....barefood BTW.

Whos Idea was this again Benepe, Bloomberg ?

I wonder if they know 2 of the the Phish guys are felons.
Bass player "Dragan" for child porn Guitar player "Trey" for drugs.

Johnny Rotten is a safer bet. Johnny has the best rants and politition jokes !!!

Anonymous said...

Off the point and apparently off your meds.


Lino said...

Boy.. this thread had it's share of fantasies.

Anonymous said...

At least it wont be in flushing meadows

Anonymous said...

I could see it faster in Flushing Meadow. Prospect Park is Olmstead's greatest masterpiece of landscape architecture; he prized it above the more famous Central Park which he also designed.

Flushing Meadow, while it does have some good trees, does not begin to compare. Futhermore, it has more open space and sits on a landfill of ashes. The ash subsoil would probably mean less better drainage and less compaction.

With any luck no part of NYC will see this disaster waiting to happen.

Ridgewoodian said...

georgetheatheist: The most cogent analysis ever made of the Woodstock festival was the metaphysical analysis by Ayn Rand.

Check out her essay/lecture "Apollo vs Dionysus" (1969) at

Woodstock (1969) = Dionysian mud-wallowing VS The Moon Landing (1969) = Apollonian use of reason

Except she completely fails to understand Nietzsche, whose Apollonian / Dionysian duality she nonetheless appropriates. And she doesn't really make much of an argument so much as she mocks Charles Lindbergh and hippie sartorial styles. Although she does have one interesting thing to say, about an hour (a dreary hour) in:

"The hippies are a desperate heard looking for a master, to be taken over by anyone, anyone who would tell them how to live without demanding the effort of thinking. Theirs is a mentality ready for a f├╝hrer."

Yes, I've always wondered how it was that just 11 years after Woodstock, when the vast flower power generation was entering the prime of life, Ronald Reagan could have been elected president. And re-elected four years later. Now I know. Thanks Ayn Rand!

Of course, a Prospect Park Woodstock strikes me as slightly laughable. But I guess it's proof that capitalism can assimilate anything - just like the Borg. (The Randians really ought to appreciate that.) Hopefully there'll be naked hippie chicks.

georgetheatheist said...

"Yes, I've always wondered how it was that just 11 years after Woodstock, when the vast flower power generation was entering the prime of life, Ronald Reagan could have been elected president."

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Godwin's Law prize goes to -the envelope please - Ridgewoodian.

Ronald Reagan was not elected by hippies, dumbkopf. The first time 18 year olds could vote for President was in the election of 1968. And guess what? The "youth vote" went for Nixon and not Humphrey. (source: Theodore White's "The Making of the President 1968") "Flower-power" was an over-rated media-generated concoction.

Ronald Reagan was elected because of the hostage crisis in Iran and run-away inflation (I was getting 16% interest on my CD). As Reagan said a recession is when your neighbor loses his job; a depression is when I lose my job; and a recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.

Hippie chicks? Get ready for AIDS, chlamydia, and crabs.


Ridgewoodian said...

georgetheathiest: The first time 18 year olds could vote for President was in the election of 1968.

So, Rand doesn’t know her Nietzsche and you don’t know your history. In 1970 (1970, not 1968) President Nixon signed a law lowering the voting age in all federal, state, and local elections to 18 years. (At the time it was 21 in all but four states.) The Supreme Court later invalidated part of the law – basically holding that the federal government had the power to set the rules for federal elections but not for state or local ones. In response, Congress proposed a constitutional amendment, lowering the maximum minimum voting age in all elections to 18. (Individual states could still lower it even further at their own discretion but so far as I know none have.) Said proposed amendment was submitted to the states for ratification on March 23rd, 1971. Ratification was completed in only a few months (the shortest ratification process in history), on July 1st, 1971. On July 7th, 1971 the Twenty-Sixth Amendment was formally certified as part of the Constitution. That means that nationally the first presidential election that all 18 year olds would have been able to vote in was in 1972. I suspect that Theodore White knew this and the mistake was yours.

Now, not having White’s numbers in front of me I don’t know what the breakdown of the “youth” vote (however that may have been defined) was in 1968. If it really went for Nixon – well, shame on it.

By 1980 the kids who had been naked in the mud at Woodstock would have mostly been pushing 30. The oldest baby boomers would already have been 34, 35. Not old, but not exactly the youth vote anymore. The 30-44 age group that year was 31% of the electorate – the largest electoral segment by age, by quite a bit – and it went 55% Reagan, 38% Carter, 7% Anderson. (Source: The Roper Center at the University of Connecticut.) In other words, the co-generationists of the hippies at Woodstock (and their slightly older brothers and sisters) were key to the election Reagan. I don’t know how many of the flower children in Max Yasgur’s fields later voted for the affable dunce from California but I bet more than a few. More’s the pity. Because whatever you want to say about that old man (and if I offend your Godwinian sensibilities I’ll withdraw my quotation of Miss Rand’s second sentence) he definitely didn’t demand of anyone the effort of thinking.

georgetheatheist said...

Ridgewoodian. You are correct about my ignorance of history. Mea culpa. I missed it by 4 years. White's work was the "Making of the President 1972" (I knew Nixon was involved). The youth vote went for Nixon not McGovern. The point I was making was that with all that media coverage in the '60's of the "youth" phenomenon, the kids who weren't covered in Yasgur's mud voted Republican.

Rand indeed knew her Nietzsche (more so than I suspect you do). She attended the University of Petrograd (St. Petersberg). She majored in history with additional studies in philosophy, philology and law. One of her teachers was the philosopher Nikolai Lossky. She was an admirer of the Nietzschean opus "Also Sprach Zarathustra".

C'mon, Ridgewoodian, admit it. The Apollo-Dionysian was a great analysis. Truly sublime.

georgetheatheist said...

BTW It's "georgetheathEIst".

("I before E or when sounded like A as in 'neighbor' or 'weigh' or 'georgetheatheist' ")