Monday, April 6, 2009

Carrion a party animal in more ways than one

From the NY Post:

Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion spent more than $50,000 in campaign contributions on a party for supporters and to enrich the Bronx Democratic Party soon after he was named President Obama's urban-affairs chief six weeks ago, according to filings at the Campaign Finance Board.

Records show that Carrion's campaign dropped $26,525 in February at Bayard's, a restaurant in the Financial District, for what was described as a "thank-you reception" for more than 500 people who backed his run for city comptroller.

Not long afterward, on March 5, Carrion wrote a $25,000 check to the Bronx Democratic Party, which forms the base of his political support.

Carrion spent the last three years raising $2.3 million for a citywide run, only to drop out on Feb. 19 when he was named to the White House post.


Taxpayer said...

Notice the politicians' immediate instinct to use other people's money to pleasure themselves and advance their personal ambitions.

This same Obama appointee used other people's money to improve his house.

Why bother with prudence and honesty when there will always be willing morons to cheer you on as you cheat them?

Anyway, where else can you get some laughs unless you're screwing these same morons?

Anonymous said...

Crapper is now officially, a political rightwing conservative blog.

My guess is that with the bad economy and developers going bankrupt, bloggers have to find fresh meat to grind.

Queens Crapper said...

"Crapper is now officially, a political rightwing conservative blog."

How's that? Because I posted a story about how a pol likes to spend other people's money? I have been doing that since almost the beginning. This one happens to be a Dem. The GOP is not a sacred cow either.

Wade Nichols said...

Good to see that the "party of the poor, and the party of minorities" is using their money for worthy causes. Not!

Of course, the trolls on this blog will come out of the woodwork, and remind us all that: "Well, the Republicans do it too, so what's the problem?"

Crapper is now officially, a political rightwing conservative blog.

So, are we to suppose that if Crappy apes the Democratic party line, and posts "happy" stories about Obama and Hilary Clinton that would satisfy you?

What will they tell us next? Crappy is a "racist" because he posts stories about: white meth addict who kills people while DWI; white guy arsonist in Whitestone; white politicians such as Bloomberg, Crowley, Pinky, Quinn, etc. etc.

Don't like it? Start your own blog, jerky!

Liberal in Glendale said...

I am a Democrat since Roosevelt, a proud and secure liberal, who knows right from wrong. I do not like this kind of thing. It is simply wrong, and I do not want my party associated with this kind of behavior. Money, fundraising, lobbying, influence, power are corrupting our system.We should be better than this. Also, I have growing concerns about this choice and a few others, even if some think it is "good for NYC." Crappy, call'em as you see 'em.

Anonymous said...

Crappy is so not right wing! Please you chuckle head! Go read your NY Times and have a stroke!

Queens Crapper said...

Maybe it was my undying support of Maltese and Como that gave him that impression.