Wednesday, April 15, 2009

West side project may take "decades"

NEW YORK (AP) -- A New York City official says a plan to build office towers and apartments along Manhattan's West Side waterfront will take decades to finish.

Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber spoke about the Hudson Yards project at an economic development forum Tuesday.

He says the meltdown has crippled financing for most major development in New York City.

Lieber says a subway line extension west to the river is critical to Hudson Yards' success.

The Related Cos. won a $1 billion deal with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to develop 26 acres of railyards along Manhattan's Far West Side. The project does not have a firm start or completion date.


Anonymous said...

Duh - They should have transferred this property to the Javits center where it could have incorported it as well as subsidized it with Obama money to stimulate the economy. Building an extenstion of the 7 to this site is a good idea, but a luxury and not exactly the best use of $$. This only makes the developers appreciative because they have to get folks to occupy the space. By the way - the second Ave Subway is a luxury and benefits only Manhattanittes & no one else - must be discontinued to redirect capital funds to hold down raising near term fare hikes.

Taxpayer said...

Why is it a problem that any project takes decades to complete?

What's the hurry?

Is there someone who wants this completed before its impact can be determined? Why?

How long did it take for this city to get from forests to its present form?

What will NYC look like in another 4 or 5 hundred years? Isn't that up to each generation to decide for themselves?

Snake Plissskin said...

Good point Taxpayer.

Why is it so important that we move another million to this city?

Why can't someone ask that question?

All those in a position to make some waves do, is simply hold public meetings that are little more than 'how we can live with development.'

No balls. All of them.

Anonymous said...

No problem at all, as far as I am concerned. I am out of this shit city in three years anyway. And to think that I once wished to live my entire life in Queens.