Thursday, April 2, 2009

St. John's ambulance now a dust collector

This is the parking lot in back of Wyckoff Heights Hospital.

This St. John's Queens Hospital ambulance has been sitting here since shortly after the hospital closed.

Guess they just plan on keeping it as a spare. Let's recall that it's Wyckoff management's fault that 2 hospitals closed a month ago. They might want to try to ease their consciences a little by hiring one of the ambulance crews off the unemployment line to do an extra patrol in the now underserved neighborhoods they screwed over. Oh, sorry, my bad - I almost forgot that they don't have consciences.


Anonymous said...

Correct in that they did everything in their power to make sure SJQH and MIH closed- they won't be far behind themselves. Hiring ambulance people on the unemployment rosters? - If they're smart they wouldn't work at WHMC anyway- they should hold out for a better offer. Working under current management, minus EC who has a clue thank goodnes, wouldnt be beneficial the director will sell them up the river to save his already slimy reputation within area hospitals and the 9-11 services

Anonymous said...

some of us got pushed out by St johns people Im confused? going to F D N Y anyhow -