Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reservoir design plans to be revealed

From the Times Ledger:

Mark K. Morrison Associates will present an “active recreation plan” to convert at least one dry basin into artificial−turf ballfields; a “passive recreation” plan to preserve the vegetation that has grown there; and a combination of the two during a public meeting May 2 at 11 a.m. at Ridgewood’s IS 77, at 976 Seneca Ave.

But as these designs are fleshed out, community leaders are pressing the city to apply parts of the $50 million reservoir budget on improvements to the rest of Highland Park, which is split between Queens and Brooklyn, and encompasses more than 140 acres, including the Ridgewood Reservoir.

The park contains six ballfields in various states of disrepair, and Friends of Greater Highland Park⁄Ridgewood Reservoir member Thomas Dowd said many youth baseball coaches and other Brooklyn residents using Highland Park have been attending the city Parks Department’s listening sessions and calling for the conversion of the reservoir basins due to the poor condition of their own facilities.

Steve Fiedler, chairman of CB 5’s Parks Committee, introduced a board resolution asking that between $10 million and $15 million of the Ridgewood Reservoir budget be dedicated to the ballfields in Highland Park. It passed unanimously at last week’s meeting.


Taxpayer said...

Can the Commissar and his appointed Parks Department officials ever explain their obsession with destruction?

They were the very ones who decided to neglect the various and numerous athletic fields throughout Highland Park.

Now, to correct that deliberate and destructive neglect, these same officials propose to destroy the Reservoir, claiming a need for athletic fields.

As a so-called "compromise", the Parks officials agree to destroy only "some" of the Reservoir, and to put some money toward fixing some of Highland Park's athletic fields.

Here's a real neat idea: Use the money to fix ALL the athletic fields in the park, repair the paths, footbridges, lights etc. In short, restore the park.

Then, leave the Reservoir alone, except to remove some useless growth, deadwood (not the Parks officials), paths, lights, fencing, etc.

Just maybe the kids who don't play sports will be able to soak up the beauty of this Reservoir. Or, the kids who are tired after playing can visit the Reservoir to see another side of life.

In any event, dump the destructive Commissar and his lickspittle lackey Park officials on November 3.

And, dump any elected official who vote to destroy this gem.

Anonymous said...

Fiedler on the Roof

Anonymous said...

Holden a martini glass?