Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nation's construction unemployment at 21%


The nation’s construction industry is seeing unemployment figures approach 21% as the economic drought continues to stall new real estate development across the country. Putting the potential magnitude into more local perspective, in New York City, the construction industry employs 123,000 with average payrolls at $14 billion--second only behind health care according to the NY Building Congress.


Michael Bloomberg said...

Construction unemployment is ONLY 21%?

But I thought the whole argument for our illustrious "guest workers" was because they're willing to do jobs Americans no longer want?

Let's bring in more illegals, boost construction unemployment to 40%, and help drive down wages!!

What me worry?

linda said...

construction in the tri-state should be only union workers. bloomberg hires companies that use non union. not only are these companies robbing the employee but the city/state taxes. we should be demanding more UNION WORK only and then the "day workers" will go home and stop flooding our corners. come to roosevelt and 69 street and see how nasty the community looks like. where the hell is INS/ICE to load them up and send them home. keep america union, construction workers only. keep them working and supporting into our economy. PRO UNION!!!!