Monday, April 13, 2009

Mayor asks Council to tighten its belt

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg has challenged the City Council to feel the same budget pain as the rest of the city.

He has asked the Council - which sets its own budget - to voluntarily swallow the same 4% cut he requested earlier this week from most city agencies and other officeholders.

Bloomberg's proposed cut would shave $2.1 million from the $50.5 million budget the Council set for itself April 2.

The Council did make a 3.3% - or $1.7 million - cut in its new budget.

But since September, the other elected officials and city agencies have been directed by Bloomberg to make cuts of up to 16% for the new budget year that starts July 1.


Anonymous said...

How about doing away the entire council aand bring back the board of estimate?

Taxpayer said...

Look at that photo accompanying the post again: Has anyone ever seen two more stupid looking people in one place at the same time?

It's that stupidity that explains the greedy tax and spend spree that's destroying this city.

It's OUR stupidity that put them there.

We can recapture our complete control on November 3. Then we can never be called stupid again!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the community boards
and all the "burro" presidents!

They're a sham anyway!

That's the best way to save a lot of money!

i.e. CB#7's district manager Marilyn Bitterman makes about $80,000 a year.

Do the math for the rest of NYC
and you'll see that I'm right on this.

And pull the $400,000 salary from that old cow Shulman for her Willets Point "directorship".

Ban the use of the "Parkside Group" too.

Anonymous said...

Gloomberg is responsible for the city's financial problems to a large extent. Giving tax breaks to companies like Goldman Sachs that have since crumbled has come back to *really* hurt the city.

Spending $60 million on the "waterfalls" during an economic crisis is reckless at best, and criminal at worst, especially with 7,000 more city employees facing the ax.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a mayor who earns and receives a regular salary than a billionaire with an agenda who takes $1 and shoves it down our collective throats!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bloomass has SPECIAL INTEREST, and doesn't give a crap about a salary, why else would he be listed as one the the richest people in America. He uses his powers thru out the tri-state to get even richer. Hello wake up already and throw this ass out and his side kick the dyke.