Saturday, April 11, 2009

Graffiti factory's stairwell collapses

According to the Daily News, the woman injured is "an acclaimed jewelry designer."

Previously: Father and son wait to evict 5 Pointz


Anonymous said...

It looks like the property owner ...commercial slumlord Jerry Walkoff is in deep shit!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Walkoff the news media and DOB try to use the aerosol (legal graffiti) artists as the scapegoats!

Not with his history of code violations!

Anonymous said...

Aren't there serious fire code violations as well as issues to discuss with DOB?

In the event of a fire, these stairs would have been the main means of egress. Perhaps this woman's tragedy prevented triangle shirtwaist part II.

God speed to her, and when she is up and about I want to find out where she is selling and buy some of her jewelry. She sounds like a charitable soul.

Anonymous said...

Kiss that buidling goodby.

Thanks Bloomturd, nice inspection by the city.


Four more years!

Anonymous said...

Graffit1 bad.......libs,stupid

georgetheatheist said...
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georgetheatheist said...

The 5 Pointz graffiti building?

Now that's real lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

The epic center of NYC's graffiti problem is about to crumble.

Anonymous said...

We artist who are so in love for cheap studio space by slum landlords
are partially responsible for these
terrible events,we become ass kissin
Ostrich's when safety is an issue.

Yeah I know Ostriches don't really keep their head in the ground so as
not to see unpleasant events.

Good Luck to this craft person her work is on the web also check the word "leoware" on google.

Anonymous said...

By the way, is it me or did they take this story off the television pretty quickly? I am following this through the internet only.

I would also like to know how the victim is doing.

Anonymous said...

By the way the names of the 2 landlords are WOLKOFF, David and
Jerry ones grandfather owned the
Sands hotel and one is married to an offspring of Harry Winston the Jeweler.

Anonymous said...

And here come the lawyers!

Anonymous said...

This place is a nightmare. Sweatshop on the first floor, place is dilapidated, padlocked fire exits and clothing stacked to the ceiling. Knock it down, this lady's injury probably saved 40 lives.

Anonymous said...

Where is Pat DiLillo?

Anonymous said...

Good profile on these landlords
on The Real also good reporting on this building it
was meant to be for artists till the LIC hood "turned around again"then
what kill the artists??

Linda said...

I see more condos going up!

Anonymous said...

Any update on how Nicole is coming
along post surgery at Bellvue ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, please let us know how the victim is doing. This has been a hard week what with the Queens Center Catastrophe as well.

Anonymous said...

The aerosol artists deal only with the outside of the building.

THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for a greedy slumlord's neglect.

Some of the "artists" who rent interior studio spaces are less responsible...a few being outright nitwits.

One recently tried to barbecue in his loft.

The FDNY was swarming all over the place as a result.

And like it or not "5 Pointz"
is already a recognized brand.

It is not the epicenter of graffiti you jealous hater.

More people visit this museum then they do P.S. #1 right across the street.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that no talent tagger "BLONE" is posting here?

From what we hear he mostly blows!

Anonymous said...

"5 Pointz" is a world renown LEGAL paint by permission
exterior art museum.

You've just had your head in your rear pocket for too long if you cant recognize what art really is.

"Meres" , who runs the place, is an accomplished artist
in the aerosol medium
who has shown at Deutsche Bank;
designed feature film titles; given endless time to teaching kids art; done murals in Europe and around the country.

We even hear he's a "Eagle Scout"!
Now doesn't that beat all.

So shove all your negative BS about "5 Pointz' where the sun don't shine!

Anonymous said...

Only a blog about an injured tenant designer could produce hateful comments about graffiti pro
or con from idiots, this is about a young ladies life post disaster and a slumlord.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Wouldn't it be nice to know how she is coming along? No news. Amazing that a victim of a building collapse gets so little attention.

When I was young this would have been the first page of every newspaper, but apparently we accept this as the new norm.

Queens Crapper said...

News reports are saying she is still in critical condition today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Q.C.
sorry to hear that amazing how this
is not much news in conventional media ,should have happened in midtown Manhattan,I guess.

Anonymous said...

No. I swear that it is an intentional blackout caused by powerful people.

Bloomberg wants to be reelected. I would not even be surprised if the alleged violations that DOB was trying to shut them down for were added to the record after the fact.

I know from firsthand experience. When my living room ceiling was collapsed onto my floor, DOB, which never visited the site even though I spent hours waiting for them over several days, amended the records to state that the problem was my bathroom ceiling.

I did indeed have a problem with that ceiling as well, but a missing foam tile is not the same as 100 lbs plus of furniture-smashing action.

Housing Preservation Department records created at the same time properly document the damage and the actions that were taken to mitigate same.


Still waiting for my royalty check since collapsing buildings are now the rage-- lady whose living room ceiling was forcibly introduced to her living room floor. Why didn't I patent or at least copyright this fad?

Anonymous said...

Building owner
Jerry "jerk-off" (Wolkoff) is said to be hooked up good with NYC's political gentry...hence the news black out.

Look up what else he slumloard's over in the NYC Building Department's property profile...available on line.

Meanwhile he enjoys the good life (from his wife's money) at his posh Park Avenue apartment.

Anonymous said...

The LL's are more powerful then
their tenants,I'm shocked!

I too feel the D.O.B. works only for LL's how do i know that? someone at
Community Board 5 in NYC told me that,so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that the courts, DOB, HPD etc. only work for thieves. I have often railed about my problems with a very vicious landlord; however,
I've had friends who had vicious tenants who did not get much help either.

I guess the old Irish saying is true, "The devil knows his own."

Anonymous said...

This is still a real buried story.
I was wondering how Nicole is coming
The Brooklyn artistsloft closure last year because of C of O Bullshit was such big news on all Tv stations.
Not this disaster in LIC though.
Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Why no follow ups on the artist recently buried under twisted metal from the stairway collapse in Long Island City?

Is she dead or alive? What has the city decided to do to pressure other landlords with similar violations to clean up their acts? Has this famous artists building reopened? What efforts are being made to assist displaced artists to locate new space?

Once upon a time this story would have been first page news and follow ups would have lasted for days. Alas, building collapses have become so pedestrian, so jejune.

Perhaps we can arrange to have a building collapse across the street from City Hall, preferably while the major is taking his morning constitutional.

Anonymous said...

Course this blog has taken this story off of it's front page too.
Bloomberg and his LL pals win.

Anonymous said...

I have heard she is alive but still in critical condition. Some of her friends are going to be selling her jewelry as a fundraiser.