Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bronx GOP completes Bloomie's trifecta

Mayor Bloomberg will run for reelection as a Republican this fall, the Daily News has learned, after successfully courting the party to let him back on its ballot line two years after he left it.

"Mayor Bloomberg and I have had healthy disagreements over issues at times, but I know he is the right person to lead this city forward," said Jay Savino, chairman of the Bronx GOP, who followed his Brooklyn and Staten Island counterparts to become the third county chairman to back the mayor.


Anonymous said...

It does'nt really which party is backing this "BLOOMING ASSHOLE OF A MAYOR", he will lose. His time is up! Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on his way out. Mike don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Taxpayer said...

Good-bye republicans.

Anonymous said...


Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican - I won't vote for him

Anonymous said...

To Avella:

Go after the young people the way Obama did. Younger people won't idetify with Bloomass.

We've got to defeat this moneybags. Is it just me or is Bloomscuz getting uglier?

Anonymous said...

Look at the snide contemptuous tyrant...sporting a denim work shirt...trying to pass himself off as a man of the people!

I'll bet Armani made it especially for him.

Maybe a graffiti crew will tag up his face before he leaves "da Bronx"
with the words "rich phony"!

I'd be willing to spend a night in Riker's for that privilege myself.

People are a lot smarter than Mike gives them credit for.

They'll see through him.


Express your "NO" at the polls!

Alan said...

Well it's time to share these YouTube videos again. The clips were shot at a Flushing, Queens Town Hall meeting in 2004...right before his re-election bid. Back then, the mayor said that new stadiums were not as important as schools, libraries, fixing potholes, etc. Here, give a listen:

And then came the ultimate insult. I was diagnosed with several serious health issues a year earlier, including a rare blood cancer. I then became aware of neighbors experiencing similar medical difficulties and I felt that an investigation was warranted. Although the moderator tried to avoid me all evening, I managed to grab the floor just before the mayor walked away from the podium. Here is the clip:

By the way, someone messed with my clip's settings. I wonder who...??? Imagine how I felt when my cancer concerns were compared to cigarette smoking, gunshot wounds, and people falling out of windows!!!

If it weren't for YouTube and Queens Crap, I would not be able to share these revealing responses that happened over 4 years ago. The media in this city is bought and paid for and unless people come forward, as I have just done to demonstrate the REAL Bloomturd, he may very well get his way and gain a despotic 3rd term!

By the way, there was a video crew from channel 74 present as was the case with all town hall meetings. This particular meeting was never shown because there were some controversial statements made. I monitored the channel for several days after the event so that I could have an alternate recording. I wonder if it exists in the archives?

Don't Tread on Me! said...

Is it possible Crappy, to set up an anti-Bloomberg website?

Miles Mullin said...

We have to hit time and again that a desperate media, drowning in a world of cyberspace, is grasping at a temporary lifesaver as he floods their coffers with advertising for a year.

We need to drive this point time and again on both the editorial page content, and news coverage.

Anonymous said...

A Republican, eh? Chaney, Bush and Bloomberg.

I think that is material we can work with, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Republican here, Bloomberg does NOT get my vote!

Missing Foundation said...

Republican here, Bloomberg does NOT get my vote!
A thousand posts like this are nice ... but does not make much difference.

We need street theater before the cameras!

We need stunts to pry his fingers off the media.

We need themes and ideas that we can spread around to make him look like the nimcompoop that this little man really is.

We need to contrast him with a real New Yorker. Hmmm, how about running Johnny Miskoto vs Michael Moneybags?

Anonymous said...

You make a good point Missing Foundation. Except we need to contrast Bloombutt to a REAL New Yorker who's actually running - like Avella. Avella's a normal guy like the rest of us who feels all of our pain.
I'm ready to pound the pavement. Anyone else out there ready?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Look! He's wearing a blue workshirt! He's just like me!fd

linda said...

bloomass can think the people are with him, but after pulling a large plug on new schools in that area, oh boy the bronx won't want him.

ew-3 said...

this guy is anything but a republican.

He is a classic "progressive". More taxes, bigger government, more government control.

Very much like most democrats.
If the repubs claim him as their own, then truely it is a one party system in NYC.

Might as well get used to him. Now that he has subverted the law he is likely to be mayor for life.

Anonymous said...

bronx is going to be happy with him or the council people.....

georgetheatheist said...

Overheard in the backstage dressing room:

"Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi. Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do" - Castrato Ragusa

-Joe said...

This particular meeting was never shown because there were some controversial statements made.
Sounds like they are now censoring public acess.

They could just pull the audio on bad language instead of "loosing" the whole recording.

Is 74 a cable channel?
The original recording is likely owned by Cablevision, Time Warner or a conglomerate Bloomberg news itself.
(This what they can pretend not to know each other)

Some of you guys are going to have to start sewing CCD camera guys into baseball caps and recording meetings yourself on IPods and microdrives.

Buy a cheap mini USB webcam, sew the PB board and CCD it into a baseball hat.
Run the wire behind your ear inside your shirt down to your phone or recording device.
Most all phones now have mini and micro USB ports to load software, charge as well a sync

You can record 2 hours of video on a 4 gig SD Card load it on to a PC, compress & upload to Utube or some Proxy server and have it ready to broadcast in under an hour.


This is how you do it: said...

Except we need to contrast Bloombutt to a REAL New Yorker who's actually running - like Avella. Avella's a normal guy like the rest of us who feels all of our pain.

Avella, fair or not, carries baggage like the old saw 'he doesn't get along with people' crap.

This would only create disctractions. Bloomturd's faults, bolstered by ad revenue, would be all but ignored.

What you need is to create a cartoon image of Bloomberg, a cariacature, and set him against a regular joe like Johhny.

Meanwhile, above the frey, Avella sails on untoubled by the mud slinging.

Alan said...

"Is 74 a cable channel?
The original recording is likely owned by Cablevision, Time Warner or a conglomerate Bloomberg news itself."


Actually, it is a city-owned and operated station. Therefore, it is controlled by the Bloomturd administration.

I welcome anyone to find and share the "official" tape of that meeting which was in June of 2004 at PS 214Q.

rexlic said...

Most disspiriting bit of political news this year: Mayor McChee$e's mom turned 100 back in January.

We may have the new Mayor-For-Life for another third of a century (he's a mere 67).

linda said...


wow thanks for sharing and depressing the shit out of me.. hopefully it won't happen! need change and it starts with bloomazz

happy easter

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK, NY January 13, 2006 —Mayor Bloomberg spent a little over $84 million on his re-election campaign. That's according to documents being filed with the city campaign finance board. Government watchdogs say that's a record for any office, other than that of president of the united states.

The spending, all of it Bloomberg's own money, includes almost $32 million for television ads and $14 million for consultants. It is more than ten times what Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer spent

Holy Shit Martha! said...

I can't believe it! Posted on and not praising a Bangladeshi takeout!

I guess you're comfortable with him undemocratically changing the city charter just so that he can run for another term. Or his flip-flopping from democrat to republican to independent whenever it best suits him. And honestly, who gives a crap if he takes no salary from the city? That's another PR stunt, just like his supposed train rides. Let's not forget how many people from his administration, e.g. Dan Doctoroff, have ended up at Gloomberg LP. But wait, I thought the company was in a "blind trust." Whoops, guess that's not enough to prevent him from still having control while serving as Mayor!

And who gives a crap if he's a billionaire? The size of one's wallet does not correlate to their ability to govern. But it's always seemed to be that there's many people that are impressed with his billions. Gotta follow the leader, after all.

And yes, Gloomberg is responsible for the city's financial problems to a large extent. Giving tax breaks to companies like Goldman Sachs that have since crumbled has come back to *really* hurt the city. Spending $60 million on the "waterfalls" during an economic crisis is reckless at best, and criminal at worst, especially with 7,000 more city employees facing the ax. Oh, and before Gloomberg was for tax increases (18 percent property tax hike, increases in the cigarette tax, etc.), he was against tax increases: after increasing property taxes by 18 percent, he proposed decreasing them 5 percent, but later proposed a property tax increase once again! Additionally, after the initial property tax increase, homeowners in New York City were then mailed a rebate, as a result of the city’s budget surplus, even with projections for deficits in future fiscal years. Couldn’t that money have been used for essential city services instead (services which have instead been cut)?

And don't tell me he didn't see the crisis coming. In 2007, he was quoted as saying: "And most importantly, being a fiscal conservative means preparing for the inevitable economic downturns — and by all indications, we've got one coming." Yet, he made the cuts, mailed the rebates, decimated city coffers, and is now firing people and cutting services to make up the difference. Yes, that's some real prudent financial management.

Anonymous said...

Frank if you didn't do such a great job representing my Broadway/Flushing district I'd personally kick you in the pants for supporting "Bloombutt"!

Say you didn't do it!

I like that handle "Italian Girl"!

Anonymous said...

Run as Republican? Over my dead body will he win.