Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting porked by state Dems

From the Daily News:

State lawmakers are back to playing hide the pork despite a recent reform law designed to open up the budget process, the Daily News has learned.

Senate Democrats did not itemize a single "member item" project in the $132 billion budget they are to begin passing today.

Instead, they simply listed an $85 million lump sum they say they will spell out in a separate resolution next week - long after the budget is approved.

Austin Shafran, a spokesman for the Senate Democratic majority, cited "time constraints" for leaving out the details.

Assembly Democrats managed to detail $65 million worth of pork spending, but listed an additional $20 million in a lump sum that will also be outlined at a later date.

The Post says we're gonna get hammered.


Anonymous said...

Fred armisen does a good impersonation of the guv on snl.He would probable be a better pol.

Taxpayer said...

The US congress now votes on bills not yet written - therefore not yet read.

Now the NY State legislature will vote on a bill, parts of which are not yet written and, therefore, not yet read!

Way to go, democrats.

Starting next year, you won't even have to leave your lovers to vote. You can just twitter it in.

Charge the taxpayers for the twitter bill.

Anonymous said...

Its called Tweeder Programs people.

Just think of St Saviours and St Johns when you see subway ads for South Asian Pacific Islander Transgender Hot Line.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. We are blessed to be living in the era of "CHANGE." Obama is our savior and now that we got rid of the Republicans, the NYS legislature should be able to serve the will of the people. No more gridlock in Albany! Free at last, Free at last!!!

Anonymous said...