Thursday, April 16, 2009

The F Train is f'ed up

From AM-NY:

The daily grind has gotten even worse for more than a million Manhattan and Queens straphangers, and it may not get better for months to come.

Since last month, the E, F and V lines have been running with delays of five to 10 minutes throughout the week because of track work. Additionally, the MTA is sending two fewer trains down the lines during the morning and evening rush hours.

The MTA is replacing an 800-feet stretch of track between Queens’ Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills-71st Avenue stations as part of ongoing subway maintenance, said NYC Transit spokeswoman Deirdre Parker.

The work is being done on the weekends, but trains must constantly travel at slower speeds because they are running over temporary track, she explained.


Anonymous said...

The MTA should accelerate the track work after hours, weekends and holidays. These trains during the morning rush are jammed packed and the platforms as well. Not pleasant to be sniffing underarms on a packed train that is stopped in the tunnels.

Anonymous said...

The Queens IND line aspires to be a disgrace. The MTA finally posted a sign today saying that fewer trains and reduced speed can be expected between now and DECEMBER 31.

That's inexcusable. This work has dragged on for months. Why is it going to take the balance of the year to restore service to its previous level?

Could this further deterioration in the quality of subway service possibly have something to do with the subcontracting of maintenance work? I noticed on a sign posted at the Lexington Ave. station, in really small print, that a company in Boston now provides maintenance services to our subway service. That's wonderful. We use out-of-town contractors who neither use our system nor are accountable to taxpayers. The private sector does it better. Uh huh.

Things were much better when the MTA had its own maintenance staff. It would be cheaper and the quality could only improve from what passes as maintenance today.

I'm writing to Paterson and Bloomberg today to express my outrage over the maltreatment of taxpayers who can't get to work on time any more. How about the rest of you?

Anonymous said...

Funny, remember when the Tower People that displaced good Queenites in Hunters Point had a little track work, the reporters! and the newspapers! and Team Gioia! and and this and all that and breathless talk of shuttle buses to Grand Central and and and

and central Queens. You are losers, hardly worth the sympathy let alone this off the cuff notice.

You know by now that once branded an immigrant community your services will suck - a large swath of your neighbors will say nothing.

Still want to stand idly by while the Tower People take your taxes?

The immigrants that flood your community makes it ok to short change you in favor of the Tower People.

Be nice. Smile a lot.

It makes you getting crapped on not so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Expect more delays in the future.More people the ifrastructure can' handle.You can't put 5 quarts in a gallon container!