Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conflict of interest for water board member

From the NY Post:

One of the newest members of the city's Water Board is going to have a hard time rejecting the administration's request for a 14 percent hike in water and sewer rates next month, because Mayor Bloomberg is appearing at a fund-raiser for the nonprofit she heads just two weeks later.

The vote on what would be the third double-digit increase in water fees in as many years is scheduled for May 15.

Just 13 days later, Bloomberg is supposed to attend the annual fund-raising bash of the New York League of Conservation Voters at Chelsea Piers.

The executive director of the league is Marcia Bystryn, who was named to the seven-member Water Board on Dec. 17.


Anonymous said...

I think a list of daily Blumturd appearances on an anti-Blumturd website would be a great idea.

We could dog his every public meeting gleefully pointing out how his money is warping the political process and most importantly, putting such a stink on this activity, that no one would want to be seen with him.

Anonymous said...

She should be waterboarded..........