Thursday, April 9, 2009

Discreet work in Forest Hills

Hello Crapper,

It's been a while. Despite the SWO and partial vacate order at 110-46 63rd Road there are two men not so discreetly doing work on the third floor. 311 has been called in but let's see where it goes. I have a bad feeling some innocent going to get hurt if these homeowners keep breaking the law and continue their selfish construction.

-Matches Malone

P.S. The rezoning plan, unfortunately, does not affect this part of FH.

UPDATE: The DOB has issued another SWO.


Anonymous said...

The photo shows nothing. The letter does not go into details.

Queens Crapper is now in the business of proliferating non-specific rumors? Waste. of. time.

Queens Crapper said...

Matches has been following this for awhile. The photo is from a previous post. So far his "rumors" have all turned into stop work order and vacate orders.

italian girl said...

OMG. This is a HOUSE???

It looks like a church. An ugly one.

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful.

Iroquois Pliskin said...

Looks illegal to me.

linda said...

have to agree with italian girl, too much brick going on and forest hills used to have beautiful homes. what the hell is helen marshall doing about this??

Anonymous said...

You think that the homeowner is being targeted improperly? Let me tell you, flaunting stop work orders is rampant, and for every order issued there are 10 that should be.

On my block alone, I have seen several instances of construction that destroyed neighboring homes, halted traffic or endangered lives. THAT IS ON ONE BLOCK IN ASTORIA!!!

Add in the recent Harlem catastrophe where eight people were momentarily trapped in a collapsed facade, the crane collapse in Manhattan, the men who fell off buildings because they were not properly trained and harnessed, the giant hole in the vestibule of a Bronx building just to name a few, and we have going on a blood-bath not seen since the worst days of the Industrial Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Sites seemingly padlocked with ongoing work under SWO's usually can be found by the community to be chained but with the lock on the inside of the fence ... or the lock hanging on the chain. DOB inspectors should wisen up. Happens all the time.

-Joe said...

Looks like this Asian Church-Home in Little Neck...all bricks and weird windows

Bukrams are pack animals. They only obey about their own logic.
"I am Buk-Rah I do what want"
---That’s the attitude.
Some Greeks wanted to sell them a house in Manhasset, the first thing they did was measure the property. These people didn’t even go inside the house.
The deal fell through and we found out why

A week later 3 North Hempstead workers including a building permit inspector was arrested and taken out of Town Hall in Handcuffs.
The town employees and inspector all had relatives that owned construction businesses.
They were all taking bribes!

Local laws mean nothing, fines are the cost of getting things done.
The New York City won’t prosecute them, it costs too much plus the judges may be scaired of revenge.

These savages have their own crooked lawyers and Russian mob connections and $$ to fight.

The city needs to start dragging them through the streets in handcuffs and set an example.

In Nassau county the cops shut them down, come back and jail them if they keep working.

BTW the Builders always cry "but the owner has the permits" when the cops come.
...It dont fly anymore !


Anonymous said...

It's not just the Bukrams either. I lived for two years inside a building where much illegal construction was done.

Additional tricks include: Construction during legal holidays, having illegal workers flee across the roof to other buildings, and coaxing inspectors to offices or locations out of earshot of tenants to pay them bribes. All three of these tactics were used in my building alone and I am sure there are other tricks I did not catch.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, i doubt they are working on it right now, it is Passover afterall, but then again, i remember these people never do any work themselves and always get the cheapest (read: illegal) workers to do their dirty work for them.

Someone who makes a living with illegal diamonds and insurance scams wont bother picking up a hammer themselves.

Matches said...

Trust me, they're working. Saw them again this morning, at least 10 of them on the roof.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Russian mobster's dacha!

Queens Crapper said...

Some idiot out there (most likely a LIC condo dweller) thinks it's "creepy" that someone would report the violation of a vacate/stop work order. This is the mentality we are dealing with, folks.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap, I love the work you do concerning overdevelopment. Could you get someone over to Grove Street between 60th Ave and Forest Ave to see what's going on in Ridgewood? A development of disproportionate size is now somehow 3 stories tall and definitely goes against the zoning? Is this another secretive family care facility or home for problem kids? Where will all the cars be parked?

Queens Crapper said...

Been there, done that - twice.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Queens Crapper losers are unemployed. I guess they have time to peep in others' windows.

Get a job you losers! Channel your anger at other people's success in life, not by trying to stop their nice new homes from being built, but by doing something productive in your OWN life!

Anonymous said...

My dear, do you know why stop orders exist? To protect lives. Right now I know of several buildings recently constructed or under construction right now where other home owners had their properties obliterated.

Right now, news channels are running stories about a woman dug out from under a partial building collapse in LIC. It is too early to know why, but I wouldn't be surprised if some type of hanky panky played a part.

When someone's illegal electrical work catches your building on fire or when their bricks fall onto your roof and cave it in or when a crane smashes the side of your building, you will sing a different tune.

Do not think idle curiosity is the only reason for these posts. Many of us have lived the nightmare.

Matches Malone said...

Thanks for your help Crapper. To the "Anonymous" poster who thinks that people like me should get a life let me tell you a few things.

One, I ain't unemployed and probably unlike you I've got a job that is legal, legit and is on the books.

Second, if those houses are soooooo beautiful, then why are they fenced liked prisons? What are those homeowners hiding? Are they too beautiful for us "underlings?"

Third, these constructions are illegal and have damaged other homeowners' properties and the character of the neighborhood. Maybe if you read a book, studied some history, or actually gave a hoot about the city you call "home," you'd come to realize that you don't buy into a home you buy into a community.

How would you like it if someone moved next to you and put an annoying neon sign just to say "Look at me I'm rich, you're not."

The problem with people, both here in NYC and across the world, is that they're selfish. They try to rationalize their actions for their own pursuits and not the greater good.

The owners of these houses may say they're doing it to help their large families, as I read in several articles about the rezoning, but what they are really doing is showing off their vanity. That's not a lesson they should be showing their children, especially after years of persecution in their native lands, and not one that they should use Forest Hills to make.