Saturday, April 4, 2009

Courier not standing by Hiram

From Step Down Now, editorial from the Queens Courier:

State Senator Hiram Monserrate is having his day in court. He is charged with three counts of felony assault and three counts of misdemeanor assault, all of which could send the politician to jail for up to seven years.

Surveillance footage from the hallway in Monserrate’s building was shown to Supreme Court Justice William Erlbaum. The six-minute video, prosecutors say, shows Monserrate yanking a bleeding Giraldo in the stairway of his building.

Monserrate then took his bleeding, distraught girlfriend, who had been heard screaming for help and banging on neighbors’ doors, to a hospital over the Queens County line and far from the closest emergency room. So much for the accident defense.

We think Monserrate should step down from the Senate while working out his criminal case.


Taxpayer said...

"We think Monserrate should step down from the Senate while working out his criminal case."

But, wouldn't stepping down take integrity?

Isn't integrity for morons only?

So, keeping the seat is an easy step for someone who never heard of integrity.

And, it's an easy call by the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

Wow - he looks like Chavez of Venusvela - we should sent him to jail there in Caracas. He can box with the best of them in there - he needs a good whipping!

Anonymous said...

Why is this man still walking on two good legs?

Taxpayer said...

Italian Girl:
You asked a great question that reminds me of another lady quite a while back.

She and a girlfriend went out one Friday night to see what would happen.

The two woman were at a bar when two men asked to sit with them.

Drink, wink, and my friend was asked to accompany one of the men.

He took her to his home, pulled a gun on her, and raped her repeatedly.

When he was done, he announced that he was a cop and she better be silent.

Well, she got enough info on the guy to get three of her "friends" to wait outside his precinct at about midnight or so when the cop left his shift to go home.

Her friends pulled him into an alley, and broke both his knees with metal baseball bats. Battered the knees. His kneecaps faced the rear.

When they were done, they told him exactly why he would now always walk with severe pain for life.

He never reported the reason why he could no longer work.

I don't know if he retired on pension, but I suspect he didn't.

Good things do happen after bad things happen.

Wade Nichols said...

Hiram Monserrate - Must be hard to be a poor, oppressed, woman beating, victim of the "white man" in America. How's an honest, hard working, woman beating guy ever gonna get a break in this country?

georgetheatheist said...

Taxpayer: "He took her to his home..."

Now what did she think he was going to do with her there? Show her his etchings while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa?

Anonymous said...

this bastard better go to jail!and the girlfriend she better start stepping up for all of us women. what the hell is wrong with you, he beat you down and now you are claiming different the video and you screaming for help will get his ass in jail. again this city/state is so fuck up. BACKGROUND CHECKS PLEASE.

Taxpayer said...

"Now what did she think he was going to do with her there? Show her his etchings while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa?"

So, if a woman goes to the home of a guy she just met, it is right that she be repeatedly raped at gunpoint?

Rape is NOT sex. It is control.

No woman invites rape at gunpoint.

Her friends should have cut his hand and feet off with a machete. Let him explain the reason.

Anonymous said...


But don't you agree that women should try and use some caution when they go out to clubs/bars? Of course no women wants to be raped, but certainly walking off with a strange man is NOT a wise choice. If you've noticed, many of these rapes/murders of young women around the city usually occur when the woman separates from her friends. Bad move. Throw drugs and/or alcohol in the mix and it's a tradegy waiting to happen. You never know when you'll come into contact with a creep.
Some men can be real jerks especially when they see some skin and have benn drinking themselves.
To all the guys out there:
no means NO!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Caution is very advisable. A friend once had a man take her to an isolated Staten Island Quarry, go into a catatonic state, take out a knife and demand that she suck his ***.

Seconds later, disoriented and confused he came to his senses and asked her what happened. She had him drive her back to the city and successfully escaped into the subway. For weeks he called her mother saying, "I should never have let Sandra go."

Some men are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It never pays to be alone with anyone you do not know well. My friend made the mistake of being talked into his car after her initial idea of meeting at a local coffee shot, and it was nearly fatal.

georgetheatheist said...

"Wai-ait. Dond go."

- The Continental (portrayed by [Queensite] Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live)

The Continental said...

"Wai-ait. Dond go. PLEEZE."

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Queens newspaper saying something negative about a sitting elected official!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Democratic machine will boot this guy out??? No way!! Give me a break....County Chairman Joe Crowley hasn't opened his mouth once in regard to McLaughlin, Gallagher, Seminario & now the MonsterRAT. He keeps quiet and hopes it will all just go away. I question his ability as County Leader, he's not strong at all and his leadership leaves a lot to be desired. He needs to eat more Wheaties which will give him strength and stamia instead of being a wimp. He's doing the residents of Queens a grave injustice by not speaking out.

Taxpayer said...

Miss Italian Girl:

Yes, women MUST be cautious with any man at any time.

My point is that a man is not permitted to interpret a woman's failure to be cautious enough (how much caution is "enough"?) to mean she has just demanded or even hinted she wants to be raped. Repeatedly, at gunpoint. Viciously.

After the Pervert Gallagher rape was reported, I noticed that it was the women who at nearly 100% defended the pervert and attacked the woman.

This probably has something to do with the psychology of womanhood, that women have to always be on guard against some other woman "taking" her man.

Whatever the reason, I believe that the budding rapists use the psychology to their own advantage.

A raped woman quickly discovers that there is no such thing as "the sisterhood".

A raped woman is far too often discarded by the men in her life (fathers, brothers, husband, sons) and then reviled by any other woman.

Now that she's been discarded by the men, she's a single woman who's a threat. She already demonstrated that she'll have sex with a strange man.

That's why rapists must be publicly broken by castration, de-pricking, multiple broken bones, and then left to slowly dehydrate and starve. If that public display deters just a few rapes a year, the display is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer, you are right. Women are their own worst enemies. I find that men tend to be more sympathetic to woman and woman to men.

You can even see it in dogs where a male will bite a man or boy and a bitch will be friendly to him.

In addition to this fact, we have a new pathology of blaming the victim and giving props to the villain. For example, I repeatedly blasted Madoff and his ilk only to have others complain about the greed of his victims (possibly true, but besides the point.)

Many people want to side with the "winners." Power and wealth gets you a lot of respect in America and always has.

georgetheatheist said...

"Die grosse Frage, die ich trotz meines dreissigjaehrigen Studiums der weiblichen Seele nicht zu beantworten vermag, lautet: 'Was will eine Frau?'"

-Sigmund Freud

("Despite my thirty year study of the feminine mind, the great question which never could be answered was: 'What does a woman want?'")

Anonymous said...


Don't get me wrong. In no way do I blame the woman for being raped. It is 100% the guy's fault if he forces himself on a woman. Even a hooker can be raped. No means NO! However, a woman really needs to use common sense when going out.
Rule #1 Stay with your friends, don't leave the group unless it's with someone you know.
Rule #2 Don't drink too much or make sure you're with friends that'll watch your back if you do.
Rule #3 Tell someone where you are at all times.

Of course you can be raped even by a boyfriend or husband for that matter. But when women go out partying if you use your noggin sometimes these kind of assaults can be avoided.

And blaming a woman in any way for being raped even if she made the mistake of going to the guy's place without knowing him is WRONG!

The Continental said...

No means maybe. Maybe means yes.

Anonymous said...

"No means maybe. Maybe means yes."

Spoken like a true idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Did I read this right? Italian Girl talking about saying no to sex?

Will wonders never cease.

Anonymous said...

Italian girl, he is having you on. "The Continental" is a sleazy pervert played for laughs by Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately many people seem to accept rape. I have a friend who fell in love with a beautiful girl. On their first date, she became severely intoxicated. He escorted her home, called a female friend to look after her and immediately left without touching a hair or her head.

The next day at work, some of his coworkers chastised him for not having her sexually.

Never mind that sex with a woman so drunk that she cannot stand, let alone give consent is rape in every sense of the word, moral, legal etc. and one can be prosecuted for it.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"Many people want to side with the "winners." Power and wealth gets you a lot of respect in America and always has."

How sooooooo right on target! You get the insight trophy!

But, not just an American phenomenon. It's a lousy part of human nature. It's one reason many politicians never want to announce their stand on an issue. They may be in the minority. But this failing just proves they are not leaders.

One reason I'm running for CD 30 is that I'm not afraid of the reaction to my stated beliefs. My idea is that people want to know the honest opinion of an elected official rather than the "poll tested" opinion. Honest people can be trusted. Honest people frighten corrupt people.

Polls are taken right after an election. The question will be: Who did you vote for?

Invariably, the poll results have far more people having voted for the winner than the actual vote count.

People will just never admit to having picked the loser.

Police, prosecutors, juries, judges, the media, neighbors, family, etc., will condemn the victim of almost any crime, because the preference is to side with the "winner" - the perpetrator of the crime.

It's an ugly fact. When the people paid to protect the public face this problem, criminals will get harsher punishment.

The Continental said...

Italian Girl: "Spoken like a true idiot."

No-no. I am flattered my leetle canary. Vould you laik some more shampan-ya?

Anonymous said...

This prick is collecting a tax free disability pension from nypd for a psycholgical dysfunction,yet sane people voted him into office? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the laugh's on us. Crazy like a fox. Remember the "crazy" Elmer Fudd who switches places in the nuthouse with Bugs Bunny. At the end he looks at the camera and says, "I may be cwazy, but I'm not going to Alcatraz."

This man has not only gamed the system for a free pension, but he has used what he learned in the process against at least 3 people that I know of including myself.

My landlord, with his help and advice called police and adult services on me and three others on two separate occasions claiming that we were "crazy."

Thankfully, all three of us had lawyers and were familiar with the Bill of Rights or we would be in locked mental wards on Wards Island.

The landlord in question has deprived dozens of people of their homes. I wonder how many other "crazy" people are around burdening the city and experiencing the terrors of the system?

I intend to get a front-row seat on the day he goes on trial.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"I intend to get a front-row seat on the day he goes on trial."

That means that you now have to prevent DA Brown from making a sweetheart political deal with this thug.

Brown will make a deal and allow this thug to take a plea that results in zero punishment.

Brown is a member of the Democrat party hierarchy. He needs to get reelected, they need to maintain the senate majority. If it were Osama bin Ladin, they would till cut a deal. They do have priorities. Prosecuting criminals is not one of the priorities.

Take action on November 3rd!

Anonymous said...

"The next day at work, some of his coworkers chastised him for not having her sexually."

I know. I've heard guys talk like that too. I have literally noticed guys looking for drunk women to take advantage of. How pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link. It reminds me of what my mother once said regarding fanatical Nixon supporters:

"If Nixon was standing over a dead body with a smoking gun in his hand, people would run up to him and say, 'Dick, who put that gun in your hand?'

I guess the possibility that Monserrate may be mentally ill or irredeemably vicious cuts no ice with the fans.

Anonymous said...

Scary, huh? Most people seem to be totally oblivious to the obvious!

Alan said...

Anyone else notice the irony? The Courier writes an editorial encouraging Monserrate to step down yet 7 out of 8 people interviewed by their roving reporter want him to stay. Hmmm....