Saturday, April 4, 2009

City admits it totally lied about Willets Point redevelopment

From Iron Triangle Tracker:

After taking the temperature of the current construction climate, the city said this week it will delay soliciting a developer for its massive Willets Point project and adopt a piecemeal approach to construction as they move forward.

The decision represents a significant shift for the city, who for months said the entire site would need to be developed as a whole to facilitate environmental remediation rather than piece-by-piece.


linda said...

which are the three big companies allowed to stay? wow our city is trying to look good, why i question? what are they truly up to? i don't trust anyone anymore especially the council memebers and our mayor.

Queens Crapper said...

Tully Environmental, Fodera Foods and House of Spices.

Anonymous said...

so the "diminutive duke"
Wellington Chen won't be getting the whole piece at once for TDC?

There goes Wellington Pointe
and his big ego trimmed down to a size more in keeping with his physical stature!

Could the heat that's being generated with Brian Mc Laughlin spilling his guts to the FBI have possibly put our little friend
too much in the spotlight and made him too hot to handle for the whole scale development of WP?

Maybe Shulman/Parkside are next on Brian's list (and Toby S. too)!

Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death and Taxes has been up to his lying eyeballs in the corrupt seizure of private property for his very wealthy developer cronies since the day he first purchased the office.

He has always known that the kickbacks would more than pay the price of taking the office.

Nobody's private property is safe from this turtle-faced bacteria's grasping hands. Now he's taking the land on 74th Street in Maspeth.

Yet, as his boy-toy pointed out on the City Council, he could have taken the Home Depot in Flushing, but, they're already his cronies, so he won't steal from them.

This madman and his City Council cohorts (including his Flushing Boy Toy, Liu) must all be taken off our payroll on November 3rd.

Linda said...

Tully enviromental, would that be the same as Tully construction? hmm i see a deal being made here. I'm PRO UNION and my husband at one time worked for that company, and they are a nice bunch of guys working. But what happens to the little people and their business. no one cares. Mayor should be ashamed of himself.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, there are 2 companies owned by them.

Anonymous said...


Tully, Fodera and House of Spices gave the most money to political campaigns. That is why they got deals and left everyone else out in the cold to fend for themselves.

linda said...

wow that is really sad.. and you would think those three companies would make a stand to improve the conditions over there. just goes to show our mayor (the god father) and his staff are a bunch of crooks.

told you so said...

hey linda there will be lots of business stayin at willets point . they will only develop 1st phase and the rest will be a new industrial park ... only way this could ever happen >>>you see the businesses that are not in phase 1 are not the eyesore business and they will stay

Anonymous said...

wow , this should over turn this plan willets point for ever

great news for all of w.p.

Anonymous said...

I always laughed at the idea of them taking Home Depot Flushing. You do realize that it is the top selling Home Depot (and most profitable) store in the Nation? You go to take that, and you are going to have to compensate for any lost business, which is quantifiable (as in "The Flushing store did an average of 110% of the business of College Point and Elmhurst, you have to pay us the lost time, Money, and Business")

When you are a company the size of HD, you can tie NYC up in court for a LONG LONG time

Anonymous said...

Home Depot is moving to the Muss site by the end of the year.