Tuesday, April 7, 2009

City simply addicted to eminent domain

From Brownstoner:

In January, the city acquired six properties in the BAM Cultural District via eminent domain. All six properties were within the block bounded by Fulton Street, Ashland Place, Lafayette Avenue and Rockwell Place. We should have noticed this earlier, as the BAM properties were actually acquired as part of a larger eminent domain grab that included several lots within the footprint of Willoughby Square Park.


Taxpayer said...

There's a long held Socialist/Marxist belief that all property belongs to the state and is on temporary loan to citizens who use property for home or business.

Clearly, Commissar Death and Taxes holds this belief and will take your property any time it profits him or his already extremely wealthy developer cronies.

The Commissar is far more capable of determining the most valuable use for the property you thought you own. You know nothing about property use. Having a home is certainly not a very valuable purpose.

Vote for the Commissar and get used to this Socialist idea.

Don't like the idea? Dump the bum!

November 3rd is your day!

Anonymous said...

who now owns the property? i really hope it's not our mayor, and if he does have his hand in this he should be arrested.

Linda said...

Question why is the city trying to take this property? I'm really starting to believe our mayor and council are taking advantage of their powers and it needs to stop. Who has the power over the mayor and council to investigate this? eminent domain is being abused way too much this year and I think Bloomass has some kind of special investment in this.

Lino said...

"There's a long held Socialist/Marxist belief that all property belongs to the state and is on temporary loan to citizens who use property for home or business."

It's not a "belief" -it's a reality.

Try not paying your taxes...watch what happens to your "property rights".

Linda said...

Yes your right, and if these property taxes are paid in a timely fashion, then the city should not have the right to eminent domain. It's sicking that we pay taxes and if we sell our homes or properties we have to pay the a total of 3% to state and city. I still believe that someone should be looking into the mayor and his staff and finding out why this is going on more often.

Anonymous said...

Here is me interviewing Norman Siegel on Columbia University's abuse of eminent domain.

Seems to me that under Bloomberg the abuse of eminent domain has gone wild city wide and it is sickening, the only thing worse is NYU and Cooper Union's greed and abuse of the East Village Lower East Side did not even require abusing eminent domain.

Just sickening, vote no to Mike Bloomberg and all that denied us a referendum.

Suzannah B. Troy
ps I asked Norman Seigel if he is going to vote for Mike Bloomberg, tongue in cheek because we know the answer.

I have an entire series covering eminent domain abuse rally at Columbia U. and an interview with Tony Avella who showed up and spoke!

Tony Avella for mayor!