Friday, April 3, 2009

Car break-ins rampant along Woodhaven Blvd.

From the Queens Courier:

Imagine getting out of work, eager to get home. You walk to your car, only to find it has been broken into – there is glass everywhere, and your belongings are gone.

This is exactly what Paul Challita said happened to him about a year and a half ago – and he says it’s still going on.

Challita and many of his colleagues say they park – or used to – on the Woodhaven Boulevard northbound service road, just south of Jamaica Avenue. But, with what they claim is an ongoing rash of car break-ins, they are more wary of where they leave their cars.


Anonymous said...

This is a common problem. I was advised to leave the car door open so they could see I had nothing.

Sometimes this is done by glass shops in the area looking for business also. It is a good idea to take the car out of the area to get the glass replaced.

Needless to say I no longer have a car.

Anonymous said...

Setup cameras and catch them in the act.This will continue as bloomturd lays off civilian nypd personnel and replaces them with cops.Oh,and don't forget ,this week starts the shea/citifield detail for the nypd.They take approx 3-6 cops from every pct in queens and send them to do security.Add that to retirements and spring/summer vacations and........... A few tips: arm yourself,get some good locks and leave you outdoor lights on sundown to sunset and lookout for your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

A moat with pirhanas and a starving Doberman would not hurt either.

Alas, we are going to be in for it. I've seen this movie before in the 1970s.