Friday, April 10, 2009

Brace yourself for more DOB stupidity

From the Times Ledger:

The city Department of Buildings has launched a new online building application process that officials said will provide an unprecedented level of public access to upcoming projects.

The eSubmit process allows permit applicants to submit documents electronically. After a project is approved by the DOB, residents will have 30 days to look at the plans and submit challenges to the plan. Afterward, the agency will respond to the individual comments.

“It’s far easier to correct a schematic than for us to change it after it gets going,” said David Ranshte, intergovernmental and community affairs director for the DOB, at a Community Board 2 meeting last week.

Ranshte said any building plans available for public review through the process already would have to conform to zoning standards.

Ranshte called the new records system a “self−serve model” and suggested staff from individual community boards check the DOB Web site once a week to identify new construction plans.

I predict this will be a failure. DOB already approves self-certified plans without double checking the zoning and who trusts their community board?


Anonymous said...

Our CB Manager already claims he and his staff are so overwhelmed that tey can't keep up. So who the hell is going to have time to review all the filings?

Basically its going to fall on volunteers or dedicated individuals to police these plans, and if no one steps up, you'll have a huge neighborhood o'crap with no recourses.

Bloomturd know this, that's whole the idea behind the plan.

Anonymous said...

Where is the self-help plan for people buried under collapsing ceilings or building facades?

Let's all wear hard-hats everywhere and carry shovels--either for digging out our neighbors or shoveling up the ****.

Linda said...

isn't thompson in charge of agencies as the controller? we can't get them to follow up on work now and this is going to help how? hey dumb asses in the city, try actually hiriing more people, instead of pay increases. I think its another one of BLOOMBERG special interest projects.

Anonymous said...

When the building falls down and kills you what is the proper form to file? Does it have a black border.

Writing after the latest partial building collapse, this time once more in Long Island City, the "Phun Factory," which wasn't much "Phun" to the lady trapped in the rubble or the brave firemen who put their lives on the line to rescue her.

Where o where is the DOB? Soliciting votes for Bloomberg's reelection campaign?