Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An April Fool and his money are soon parted

From NY1:

So let's add it up: parking, four tickets, two kids meals, and hot dogs and beer for mom and dad. Throw in two baseball hats at $19 a pop and a $5 program they can fight over, and we're looking at a grand total of $212.50.


Taxpayer said...

Why would, or should anybody pay $120 to enter publicly owned property?

As the current rules now say, when we pay for it, we own it.

We paid, not only for the stadium, but for the company whose name adorns the stadium.

Stop giving your money away to the usurpers!

Anonymous said...

These are not even the worst prices possible. I have seen Manhattan parents pay $50.00 a pop to bring their children to see the Big Apple Circus exclusive of refreshments, programs, parking etc. Nothing but the tickets and this was several years ago. I'm sure that its more now.

For far less the parents could have subscribed see the games in Staten Island's minor league stadium with refreshments included.

Things like this show the gathering contempt by the ruling class for the rest of us. They can spend less time at the ballfield and more time digging us all out of the mess that their venality and incompetence caused.

Anonymous said...

Buy the tickets, bring your own food and take the subway. And when your kids want those insanely priced souveniors, just buy the Chinatown knock-offs!

Anonymous said...

How can tickets for a low production start at $30 es ?

Also $6 for cheap tapped nitrogenated poison tap beer. thats already paid for and delivered by a sponsor
Those a $2 in Woodside bars.
Where is all this rip-off money going ?

George Street
Rheingold Brewary 12 Noon Fridays
Three vat fresh ice chilled 32 OZ servings with hotdogs and souveener round tin serving tray to bring home.

Anonymous said...

move to the midwest, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

No, move the thieves to the midwest, or better yet Death Valley.

Anonymous said...

There's always minor league, or better yet- little leagues to go to.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see some of the minor leaguers at Shea. Games are for children first. Today, however, the adults are more infantile than ever.