Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Admiral's Row to go

From Crain's:

Most of the buildings that comprise the historic Admiral’s Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard will be torn down to pave the way for a supermarket in an agreement reached by the Yard’s operator and the homes’ owner, the National Guard, sources close to the negotiations say.

The plan, which is slated to be revealed to community groups in late April, would salvage only one of the 10 crumbling residences and a structure known as the Timber Shed, according to sources. The compromise would likely enrage preservationists who were hoping for a plan that would save all the buildings.


Anonymous said...

If this goes through we need a major revamping of the preservation movement from top to bottom.

There is no excuse for this.

Anonymous said...

Sad. In Prague I have seen 500 year old buildings in perfect shape with businesses being operated out of them.

Anonymous said...

2 comments and this has been up for 12 hours. If I beat a dog in the middle of Queens Blvd there would be 2 dozen comments by now.

(Oh I know, we don't post on Queens Crap because they are so ... )

Two sentences kind of sums up why they are going, doens't it?

Anonymous said...


razing these beautiful buildings for a cheap supermarket & parking lot, to service nearby housing projects (another poor example of urban planning)

nyc has no class

Anonymous said...

By the time you "revamp" the "preservation movement"
there won't be anything left worth saving in NYC.

If you lit a fire under their asses
their first instinct would be to do a study on the issue instead of running
or dunking their flaming butts into
a pail of water.

Anonymous said...

And just what does HDC have to say about this?