Sunday, February 8, 2009

North Flushing up for rezone

From the Times Ledger:

City Councilman Tony Avella (D−Bayside) said last Thursday he hopes to streamline the public approval process for the proposed North Flushing rezoning plan to get the long−awaited project completed in three to four months instead of the typical seven months.

Speaking at a public hearing held by Community Boards 7 and 11 on the rezoning plan, Avella said across−the−board community agreement on the proposal should allow it to move forward in an expedited fashion, which he contended would limit the damage developers could do while more lenient zoning exists in the area.

“The faster we can get this zoning through, the better,” Avella said. “In the meantime, you have to be the eyes and ears for us on this. You’re going to see developers trying to beat the clock and get projects done before the new zoning goes into effect. We’ve seen it with every rezoning we’ve done across the city in the last 10 years.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks and pushing it into immigrant areas that have no information on that they are being taken advantage of?

Stop spot zoning.

Like landmark designation, it discriminates against working class and people of color.

italian girl said...

I guess better late than never. But the city just has no excuse for why they ignored residents pleas for rezoning. Avella's right. Bloomie is in bed with the real estate industry. Us little people will NEVER matter. Those of you thinking of voting for that loser, just remember that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tony Avella for helping to try to save Broadway Flushing. We still have a beautiful neighborhood, despite the pieces of crap that sprout every once in a while. We need the new zoning to preserve this historic area.

Anonymous said...

About time. Avella is a godsend.. can't wait to vote for him and get rid of Bloomturd

Anonymous said...

Cranky old #1...
move out if you don't like where
you currently live!

Anonymous said...

Why does crapper, and everyone else call it,

Isn't the correct term,

When has rezoning ever included,

The city loves down zoning for one reason the assessed taxes on a R6 lot is set higher then down zone to R4b and it limits future stress on infrastructure while still getting the big zone property tax. It's elementary.
Meanwhile the home owner property value bottom drops out, with the lower density. Good one.

Queens Crapper said...

Upzoning: Flushing, Willets Point, Dutch Kills, LIC, Jamaica, Hillside Avenue. Shall I continue?

The property values in the downzoned neighborhoods are quite high. Go to Douglaston and find out.