Monday, February 9, 2009

Giant DOB joke visible from L.I.E.

Next time you're on the L.I.E, take a glance over at 61-11 159th Street in Fresh Meadows. This is a very special piece of crap, because despite its outward appearance, this is not really a new building. You see, it's really what DOB refers to as an "ALT-1", or major alteration. Oh I know, you're probably thinking this looks like they demolished an entire house and rebuilt one 3 times the size, but it's not true.
Look - there is a piece of original building there so they could apply for an ALT-1 permit, instead of having to apply for demo and new building permits. Not only did they pull that cute move, but also are invoking the "community facilities provision" by declaring that they will put a medical office on the first floor.
As you can see, it was an attached house just like the one next to it. And it had a lot of green around it. Now the only green associated with this project will be found lining the developer's pockets. It's interesting that they were shut down multiple times for worker safety violations, etc. but that the inspector never seemed to notice that this was a new building instead of an alteration. Also interesting that you can pay the fine but not prove compliance and get the SWO lifted.


faster340 said...

Hey crappy I have seen this crap hole numerous times from the other side of the hiway when I go to the Queens Health Emporium... I have always meant to get pictures but now you got em...

I can't believe this thing. What a POS!

Anonymous said...

This is not hard to miss - glad you got this on your site. It is uglier in person. The city should condem it!

Anonymous said...

You are priceless, Crappy! Great stuff ... and sad at the same time.

Do you know that the Village Voice is doing an article about QueensCr*p ?

Love your site... it's the first place I look every morning to see what you've discovered.

Kurt said...


Newburgh Restoration said...

That is sad

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Unfortunately, the elected officials in my neighborhood have yet to answer for this ugliness.

Anonymous said...

What an ugly shame! Overdevelopment completion and enforcement is long overdue! Shame on the DOB and Dept of City Planning.

-Joe said...

Work Barricks

The Asian Tiger is alive an well in Queens

Elected officials dont get it. These asshats refer to them as an ethnic community.
-----F_ing clueless idiots !

They ARE NOT an ethnic community
THE ARE and IDEOLOGICAL community strongly bonded together with those who share a sh*t high density culture with no use or desire to live like Americans do.

They choose to destroy our culture and remake their home countrys at any cost. When you have a group this driven it means big doo doo if you let them lawlessly run amuck, illegally vote to long.

They are then in position play the race card, create a lawyer base and will ----I REPEAT WILL leave a street of MASSIVE destruction till they get there way.
The RKO Keiths is the poster child of these newcomers

If these people like their home countrys that much why come here ?

How about I go to Korea or China and bang my fist at some judge to tear down "just an old building" and pay for my kids (and other) school.

----they snipe you in the head in the hearing room on the spot