Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glendale Serbs embarrassed by Blagojevich

From the NY Times:

Last Monday evening, in a smoky, wedge-shaped building where 65th Place meets Cypress Hills Street in Glendale, Queens, Serbian locals, mostly older men, filtered in after work. Blue-collared and white-collared, mechanics and business owners, they greeted friends with a pat on the shoulder. On Mondays, members of the Serbian Association of New York gather there at its social club to settle accounts, pay utility bills and count money for the week.

Except during times of war in their former homeland, Serbian-Americans rarely feature prominently in the news. But now, when the most prominent Serbian-American is Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois governor who was accused of corruption and removed from office, the issue of identity has been much on the minds of the city’s nearly 6,000 Serbs, a community concentrated in the Queens neighborhoods of Glendale, Ridgewood, Astoria and Middle Village.

“Oh, Blago, we already have a bad name; we need someone to bring us up,” said Goran Milutinovic, an affable 44-year-old who runs a coffee shop nearby.

“It makes me angry,” added Mr. Milutinovic, a former president of the association, “because he’s one of us. It’s embarrassing, really. Chicago always had problems with crooked politicians, but it’s never been to do with us.”


Maspethian said...

Maybe they should be a lil more embarrassed by their own.

Maybe they should push to extradite the thug that pummelled a US citizen before they open their stutterin mouths.

Maspethian said...


Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of assholes for saying that.

Are we to slam Isrealis because the head of Crazy Eddie was involved in fraud?

Of the British because Bermuda is a haven for tax cheats?

The Serbs are on the wrong side of a misguided Balken policy.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Hatred!

Taxpayer said...

Anon # 1 is correct.

Throughout the US there are multitude of Heinous crimes committed every day.

Regardless of the nationality, race, religion, etc. of the perpetrator, these crimes have nothing to with my pride. I didn't commit any of the crimes.

I can't, won't ever be embarrassed ethnically etc., by what others of my ethnicity do. To do so is to commit group-think.

Anonymous said...

He's the worst Serb since the fellow who started World War I.

Anonymous said...


If Serbs were hispanic or asian they would be hailed as saviours of Queens.

They dont use curry.

They dont have parties for days.

They bathe regularly.

They don't dry hump on the floor a factory and call it 'clubbin'

They know how to drive.

They don't make odd noises in their thoats while sitting next to the unwary.

They don't play music at ear splitting levels.

They don't pack 10 to a room.

They don't show up pregant.

They don't walk down a sidewalk with 7 kids and two adult sisters.

They don't participate in welfare fraud.

They don't have gaudy taste in buidlings as they despoil communities.

They don't live in pigstys.

Yet if you said the same insulting things about those that do these things, that you say about Serbs, you would be called to task.

Anonymous said...

if they want to raise themselevs up maybe they start with thier parties that they have where 15 and 16 year old kids are getting drunk driving hitting parked cars,having sex in the driveways 0n 65th place,making noise at all hours of the night,the place has garbage all over the sidewalk.the mayor or whoever he is looks like a king compared to these people

Anonymous said...

Serbs ,croats, albainian all the scum of euroupe. They dont commit welfare frauad, no parties, show up pregnant etc. You are out of your mind! These people are right behind the illegals fron Central America and the jews from russia. Some are enemies of the State living amongst us. Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

This the same "club" location on 65th where you regularly see teen-age euro-trash stumbling out drunk onto the street all year long?

Anonymous said...

So this is what they call Americans. No wonder half the world cannot stand you. You people are full of hatred not even thinking of the pain and injustice the Serbs might of went through. Why don't you look up Nikola Tesla without his help there wouldn't be any light and he was Serbian.

PS to the one that said Albanians, Serbians, Croats are the same rethink that a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you're wrong. The world loves us now thanks to Obama.