Saturday, January 3, 2009

When Woodside had a diner

Lost City has featured a Dead Diner on 37th Avenue in Woodside that is pretty creepy-looking. Anyone have any recollection of it from when it functioned as an eatery?


georgetheatheist said...

No info on this defunct diner, but it has development possibility.

37th Avenue in Woodside between Woodside Avenue and 61st Street (on which the diner is located) is certainly a locale of interest. [Forgotten NY are you reading?]

The street and vicinity is replete with ethnic catering halls, restaurants, and meeting halls.

For example, one of the city's largest Hindu temples, Divya Dham, is located at the corner of 56th St. Right on the opposite corner is the Zagat-rated Italian restaurant Sapori D'Ischia. There's a Filipino and Bangladeshi complex further east on the Avenue.

Pretty "diverse" no?

In this seemingly-bleak industrial/commercial area, I'm particularly interested in the sole residential property at 55-08 37th Avenue (2 short blocks from the decrepit diner and right across the street from Sapori D'Ischia). It was assessed last January at $559,000 and was sold for $620,000! [Crapper can you acquire a photo of this? It's amazing what price this "shack" commandeered.]

37th Avenue. A new Restaurant Row?

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