Friday, January 2, 2009

Bloomberg ass-kissing must stop

Closing down firehouses while showering developers with money, outsourcing pre-K enrollment to an inept company, creating a crisis for many parents, illegally imprisoning Democrats protesting the Republican Convention...the list of Bloomberg BS goes on. And for some reason we are seeing Democrats glom their lips on Bloomberg's posterior, almost fighting eachother to get in the wettest kiss.

The latest example of this was the 29 NYC Democrats, like Yassky, Recchia, Gonzalez and their lead ass-kisser, Quinn, tried to convince us that Bloomberg (who, by the way, was the mayor who presided over this economic collapse much as Bush presided over it as President) is the Economic Messiah who can save us all from the Bush economy. They were so convinced of Bloomberg's sainthood that they told the voters to go to hell and reversed the term limits voters had overwhelmingly supported.

Kissing Bloomberg's Ass is NOT the Change we Need


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned Recchia. He's the biggest ass kisser going. The Mayor gave him an additonal $1 million dollars to spread it around to his cronies. Simcha Felder is just ahead of Recchia with a $ 2 million gift from the Mayor. Some sysytem, "the Old Pay for Play " game. Y ou vote for my policies you get extra cash. In Chicago it's a problem, in NYC it is a GO!

joe a said...

we all have to stick to gether and vote these people out they will kill our city

Taxpayer said...

While I cannot agree with all the assertions made in the column, I do find common ground in the detestation of Commissar Death and Taxes.

Just very recently, in his all-out promotion of C. Kennedy through his own Toy Boy, Sheeky, he threw a public tantrum at sovereign citizens for having the audacity of having an independent unfavorable opinion of Kennedy.

Since, as the representative of New Yorkers to the US Senate, it just seems to me that New Yorkers should have some say in whether she is given that responsibility.

But Commissar D&T thinks that sovereign citizens in New York (state or city) have the proper thinking capacity to determine what's in their own best interests.

So, he prefers that we all shut up, open a beer and let the Special People decide these difficult matters for us. He'll tell us later what we need to know.

I have the impudence to actually think we need to tell him what he needs to know.

Let him use his own money to save the economy that he and his corrupt cronies tried to destroy.

How's that for a future job, Dear Leader with the turtle face?

Anonymous said...

I can't even believe this city would over turn the will of the people, and vote on giving this man a third run for mayor. I hope Thompson will kick his ass in November!

jerry rotondi said...


Love that cartoon!