Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raising the plane


Joe said...

They have the flight recorders, turbine blades stuck into the bottom of the wings that confirm what the pilot told them.
12+ pound birds flying into 100,000 RPM tubines when 4 pounds can take them out at asent throttle
...Duh ?

Now more rocket scientists are into the frey:
The New York Post suggests the geese be "rounded up or killed" to prevent possible future deaths and injuries?

I like the idea ---however for another type of danger which has caused FAR MORE Americans serious INJURIES and DEATH: Illegal aliens. I say, round THEM up NY Post !

It simply amazes me how the New York Post can suggest wiping out a slew of geese on the off chance they MIGHT encounter another aircraft and MIGHT cause injuries or death when illegal aliens and their gangs HAVE CAUSED countless injuries and countless deaths.

Why stop at getting rid of geese over the Bronx ?


Anonymous said...

Lets not degrade the safe great landing from this excellent ex Air Force pilot with comments that stir a different direction or become bitter.People will have trauma from this but its wonderfull they all made it off safe.
The NY Post is a tabloid junk paper.The area by La Gaurdia,and the upper Bronx is a bird haven point.Many other areas around the world have this problem by airports.Control the birds and kill them but the future can only improve engines so much.Birds have been shown on news reports hitting airline windshields also.

Queens Crapper said...

Here's an alternative to killing that should be explored: 500G radar device could've prevented crash, says maker

joe a said...

ny post suck that paper should close down , with all there jerk off reporters

Anonymous said...

Geese experts and animal advocates say the measures are wrongheaded, cruel and - most importantly - ineffective.

more assholes with nothing to do

italian girl said...

I'll agree with joe about the post