Monday, January 19, 2009

Glendale corner crap

Hey who needs a front lawn or garden when you can just build out to the curb? Love the realtor sign on the second floor advertising that it's "for rent by owner". Great job with the graffiti cleanup as well.


Anonymous said...

What was not shown was te makeshift parking lot that exists behind this structure(better for parking spaces but aesthetic crap).
This group of houses is true crap if I have ever seen it (I live down the block.)
A;though slightly unrelated I think one of Crowleys first jobs to tackle in office is to create an ordanance that forces developers to cover the building meters with something, anything.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, i live around the block from this place. It was better when it was a warehouse!!!

That "makeshift" parking lot got the developer in a lot of trouble, enough to make the news.

Apparently, after the work was finished and inspected, he went back and took down part of the wall along the 70th Ave side that separates the sidewalk from the "parking lot." They did this to make in ILLEGAL second access driveway to the parking area. Even went as far as to paint the curb yellow (but its a full height curb, not a driveway curb cut).

The shiat hit the fan when people started getting ticketed/towed for parking in the yellow area, and complained. They city told them to seal it off.

Soon after, the yellow paint was painted over with gray, and the fence (that replaced the wall) was locked.

None of this changes the fact that its as ugly as sin, though.

Anonymous said...

yesterday the water main and its branch that leads into the new crap burst and the whole street is blocked off.