Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mets find another way to suck

Claiming to be at home plate with the Mayor's program for a green and sustainable NY, the Mets and their contractor, along with key Parks officials, have turned a blind eye to the need to protect and preserve valuable parkland shade trees. A 13 tree oak-grove along Shea Road along with numerous other large canopy trees across the new Citi Field site have been left unprotected from the construction frenzy and whims of the contractor and his heavy machinery - with much indifference by Parks Forestry officials and the Commissioner.

The result has been the mutilation and removal of volumes of tree sustaining roots and the compaction and disruption of the root occupied soil ecosystem of this island landscape. The observed wooden protection barriers detract from the real zone requiring protection - the once extensive tree root zone. All is for increasing parking space across an unpermeable and unsustainable parking lot.

And why are the trees not afforded protection under the city's Best Management Practices for a green and sustainable City of New York? No funds for that, but funds for planting 550 new trees. The continued deforestation, tree mutilation and indifference toward trees across parkland undergoing construction in this urban forest remains, business-as-usual.


georgetheatheist said...

Crapper, I'm sure they'll plant new trees. Keep your shirt on.

Anonymous said...

They plant srubs that dont make it till fall. Then parks come and fill the void with concrete

Anonymous said...

The point is not to replace the trees, but to preserve the trees that have been there for decades.

Anonymous said...

The damaged trees must be replaced by mature one - regardless of expense.

Anonymous said...

They planted a whole crop of new trees along 126th street - i understand perserve the trees that were there but if they need to run pipes then guess what - they need to move the trees! I am sure that they are not the only people that have moved a tree to build something -

panzer65 said...

It takes a tough tree to make it in New York. All this talk about going green, and they take the extra effort to preserve these beautiful trees from death. Result: More carbon monoxide and more flooding.

Anonymous said...

the first thing illegal immigrants like to do is to destroy trees in Queens.

if you don't believe me look at the trash in the tree pits in various neighborhoods.

when they buy houses they tear out the gardens and pour down concrete.
what the hell?

don't illegals know we need trees in order to create more oxygen?

of course not.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who kills a tree is murderer.

Any homeowner that poisons city trees outside their home in order to illegally cut their curb so they can illegally park in their front yard is a criminal.

Any city official that looks the other way when this is down is a pig.

Anonymous said...

i just have to say omar minaya and the roster is full of old losers has beens and alot of tight a holes he does not know how to put a winning team together he is the worst gm in baseball he should be fired he is a tight ass and so is the whole mets management.and the mets are losers.and he is comes off as a racist i mean come on there is like 2 black players in the whole roster out of a 40 man roster i mean there is something wrong with that.minaya your an a hole

Carsten said...

Anonymous stated- The damaged trees must be replaced by mature one - regardless of expense.

One needs to bear in mind that of all the objects that exist in our urban infrastructure, the curbs, sidewalks, hydrants and catch basins, utilities etc that the only irreplaceable object is the tree. You CAN NOT replace a tree especially when it has been growing for some 50+ years. There is enough technology available that allow us in this century to protect and preserve valuable urban tree resources- the ONLY natural resource we have available to us.