Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kook stabs 3 people in Flushing

From the Daily News:

A 300-pound knife-wielding Queens madman stabbed three people - including an elderly couple - in a shocking broad daylight rampage today.

David Williams, 41, plunged a large knife into a 78-year-old man and his wife, who is 71, as they exited their Northern Boulevard building in Flushing, police said. A third victim, a 41-year-old woman, was also stabbed.

"Blood everywhere," said an officer at the scene.

They were all taken to New York Hospital. The wife was clinging to life while her husband and the other woman were in serious condition, police said.

After a struggle, Williams was taken into custody at the scene. Police also recovered a large, bloody knife.

Three stabbed, woman clinging to life, after 300-lb. madman goes on bloody rampage in Queens

And Fox 5 has video of the aftermath.


Anonymous said...

Fun NYC flush.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper,

"New Yorkers are Behaving Better" shows 13 responses but only 1 shows up. How come?

Queens Crapper said...

Use your scrollbar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Queens Crapper,

Must tell you that you produce s great blog. Too bad the bigots have the need to post.

By the way, just happen to be a Christian, not that it matters.

Really scary ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I was in the "rugged" south Bronx from 8:00 to 11:30 PM last Friday (via the #6 line to 3rd Ave) and encountered no problems!

Then I return to "colorful, vibrant and bustling" Flush-town and... this kind of very bad news!

I think I'll go back to the up and coming Bronx where it seems much safer to live these days...
eh C.M. Liu? !!!

Flushing is now truly "BLIGHTED"
...not like in the calmer more civilized "olden" days of the Ms. Herce? !!!

georgetheatheist said...

Anonymous said...

Funny how an elected official is caught on tape cutting up his girlfriend and everyone from his victoms to his community to his fellow hacks find an excuse.

Maybe this guy should run for office.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the solution georgetheatheist.
We should give the kook a GUN so he can finish the job well!

Anonymous said...

No, it means you'll be prepared for the kook when he comes at you with the knife.

mad max said...

I don't think that you need an NYPD permit for a mini cross bow pistol you?

H-m-m-m, maybe I'll build one
from a broken leaf spring that just fell off a truck on 35th Ave.

Relax all you law enforcement followers of Queens Crap.

I was only kidding!

Anonymous said...

Notice how this was NOT portrayed as a race crime in the 'news'.

No need to disturb people, now.