Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just say no to Caroline

Caroline’s nomination is Obama’s payback for Teddy’s support during the presidential election. In order to complete this plan, Teddy and Obama had to move Hillary out the way, accomplished by Teddy publicly scolding Hillary after her attempt to create and chair a Senate Health Subcommittee and the subsequent offer of SoS by Obama. In effect it was a game of good-cop/bad-cop, with Teddy letting Hillary know that she was essentially persona non-grata in the Senate and Barack coming in as the knight in shining armor to offer her a way to regain her dignity. One more glitch though, the vacant Senate seat would then be filled by the fickle accidental Governor Paterson. That’s where the promises of bundles of Kennedy fundraising money and “good relations” with the White House come in. Let’s face it folks, if Paterson picks Kennedy, he’s Blagojevich with the caveat that the money is going to his campaign committee (it ends up having the exact same result as the one Blagojevich was looking for).

New Yorkers, It's Time to Stand Up for Our Representation!!


Maspethian said...

When you factor out the 'knowing the powers that be' element, I would guess there are at least a million people in the state of NY that are just as qualified to become Senator as CK. And I would give a leg up to those million bc they live here w/o the luxury of a trust fund.

Does BO's 'change' message mean handing over the representation of the State to people with an 'important name'?

Anonymous said...

BO's 'change' message mean handing over the representation of the State to people with an 'important name and money' just like the Monarchy days - "do as I say serf I know what is good for you - if not, you will starve"!

Anonymous said...

Since NY's chatting classes dont seem to care, the newspapers are this and that and most this, the only thing that can trip up is if the clubhouse does't think she can bring them in money.

Sorry. A voice here. A voice there ain't gonna stop a thing.

Anonymous said...

I would say no to Caroline in a New York minute!

Anonymous said...

She has no experience,or anything else in the political field.Nor does Arnold the idiot of California,Sanford of South Carolina, or the ultra inbred religious nut, Sarah Palin Assemblies of god lady.

Anonymous said...

What:BO's 'change' message mean handing over the representation of the State to people with an 'important name and money' just like the Monarchy days - "do as I say serf I know what is good for you - if not, you will starve"!

So you really think Bill Frist,Alberto Gonzales,Mr, Hatch,or destroy the state bu line thy pockets like Palin, Pawlenty has anything to bring to the table or experience.Be an equal opportunity viewer of the political b.s. world.You act like NYC invented corrupt politics.Maybe they did but it doesnt matter.Democrap or repuclicant private wealth sucker wont change anything for you.
Whos going to get back the 10 billion a month george the rat spent to suck oil out of Iraq because there wasnt enough in Kuwait with our installed puppet regime.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster:

and I was all set to introduce you to

now you will never make the grade.

Anonymous said...

Missing Foundation!

-Joe said...

Does BO's 'change' message sound much like FRD's

BO and the twitts he's appointing seem determined to take the failed policies of FDR and repaint them for a 2009environment that is screaming to reduce debt instead of increasing government expenditures.

What was the result of government intervention under FDR?
A depression that lasted 15years, longer than any other downturn beside the Roman Empire.

Even Worse ...
What if BO's answer lay in plans on a "New World Order" or North Amerivan union with one goverment and currency.

Hell I dont wnat want to be bossed around by people in France, Canada Switzerland ....their a bunch of F_ weenies !

This guy shouldnt even be president he's an Afican born in Keyna with relitives in CT on Welfare !
One bleeding heart liberal Dem Kennedy in the Senate because more harm to NYC in history another one (especial an elite billionaire out of contact housewife) under BO one will mean suicide.

It may be time for states and county’s start to Balkanize.

Taxpayer said...

Such impudence!

How dare anyone have the arrogant audacity to have a negative opinion of any Kennedy? And, how dare you not only have the negative opinion, but also the insolence to express in speaking or writing.

These are the KENNEDIES, you low lifes!

If a Kennedy wants something that belongs to someone else (a life, a sexual virtue, property, money, etc.), then, god damit! Kneel and surrender!

Furthermore, if Commissar Death and Taxes kisses a Kennedy's ass, then, by God, so will you!

How dare you think that your own thoughts have any meaning? Do as you're told!

-Joe said...

How this dumb useless housewife from Martha’s Vineyard can be a NYS senator blows my mind.
How can some billionare eletist who has personal slaves know how the average New Yorker lives.

..Has anybody been to Martha’s Vineyard?
Those people are all weird and snobby, call the cops on you if you ride a bike at night on a public road.

Those Kennedy’s must employ 200 illegal’s maintaining the compounds on the east side of the island in "guest houses" like the old plantations in the south.
Its absurd!!

Isnt her uncle Ted the guy that took that girl for a ride, her cousin Will the beach rapist aquitted by a paid off judge ?
The brother flying VOR murdering his wife in sport airplane, in the dark --- with a "baught" "Charlie Brown" pilots license ?
The history of that family is all mob like, currupt and bad..VERY BAD.

I could see this woman and Bloomberg getting along, no doubt these Beantowners know each other 30+ years !