Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeffries & Parker try to head Bloomie off at the pass

From the Daily News' Elizabeth Benjamin:

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Sen. Kevin Parker have made good on their pledges to draft legislation that would require a referendum to change term limits and are now busily lobbying their respective colleagues for support.

"This legislation is the last stand in favor of democracy, as far as I'm concerned," Jeffries said. "We're certainly on an expidited time frame given that we're already in 2009 and this bill calls for a referendum no later than the first Tuesday in March. It's something that would have to be done before the Legislature recesses in February."

Asked if such a rapid timetable is really possible - particularly in Albany, which moves to his own, often inexplicably slow, beat - Jeffries replied:

"I think it's possible. Certainly, I think you know, there's no great sympathy for the mayor in either chamber.


Anonymous said...

These two legislators should bud our of city business when it comes
to term limits.
The coucil did follow democratic principals.
It they are so worried about taking thing to the voters the
first thing is to change the
state constitution to allow
iniitative and referendum.
We would then be like California but our masters don't trust us.
If they are worries about democracy then why don't they place any tax increase propoal on the ballot so the public can vote on it.
A good example is the proposed
sugar tax

Taxpayer said...

While Jeffries and Parker are at it, why not start proceedings to remove the Commissar?