Friday, January 16, 2009

Hiram's great defense

From the Daily News' Elizabeth Benjamin:

One of Monserrate's two attorneys, Irving Seidman, said the "only reason" his client has been charged is because he's an elected state official, adding: "He's in trouble because he protested the inactivity of the DA in connection with two murders...that he believed were not handled correctly; that is called retribution."

Judge Joseph Zayas responded incredulously to Seidman's claim, saying: "You don't have evidence the police were directed to make an arrest by DA Brown, that's what you're alleging."


Wade Nichols said...

Hmmm.....guess he's saving his "ace in the hole" for last - his "race card".

If that fails, there's always the "Twinkie defense".

Taxpayer said...

Why didn't judge Zayas disbar attorney Seidman on the spot for using the court to lie to the prospective jurors? Perhaps a little hanky-panky with backroom payoffs?

Count on this: Monster Rat's "constituents" hate the police for interfering with their illegalities.

Disbar this lying attorney (sorry for the redundancy).

Anonymous said...

This senator has been involved with some very shady dealings. Trust me, he will be hearing from a DA soon on unrelated but very serious issues.

He is not just a woman-beater, but he has allied himself with some of the most vicious developers in Queens. He has attempted to have tenants put in mental institutions for such crimes as living in a rent-controlled apartment or walking down the street. If you want to know where his money comes from google Board of Elections.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a total loser.As a former cop,i mean nypd employee ,he should have been able to come up with a better story.I'm sure shelly silver and the other dems will do whatever they can to keep a democrat in the senate.This prick should have been charged with assault 1 degree.The DA automatically downgraded it to asslt2.That sets up the plea deal for assault 3,a misdemeanor,which will allow hymie to keep his office.And i'm sure the deal will not include any jail time.

Anonymous said...

This scandal will haunt him forever.