Saturday, January 17, 2009

Industry seeks to eliminate cell tower restrictions

Bay Terrace Cafe has a copy of a letter written by Councilman Tony Avella about the proliferation of cell towers in residential neighborhoods and efforts by the cell phone industry to further eliminate restrictions placed upon them by local boards.

NY1 actually got Marge Markey to speak about this on camera! She warned, "People watching this program, if you think it can't happen to you, it can."

Isn't this why we elect people like you, Marge, to make sure it doesn't happen? Thanks for watching out for us.


-Joe said...

Figured that wouldnt take long

Not only cell towers but everything else.
Especially the old analog public broadcast Television frequencies have been sold and conveyed public to private. This was part of the deal !
They stole and conveyed all the publics rebate money from the sale to the bank bailout as well

These charactors are going to be putting Kilowatt transmitters atop utiliety poles feet from houses.

The goverment told us it was to free up frequencys for firemen and police.
It turned out to bullshit !

When was the last time a firemen or police used a 60Mhz handie talkies with a 4 foot antenna's ?

Bill Clinton was do busy to worring where his next BJ was going to come from then reading the fine print before sighning the Telecomunications act 96.

It paved the was for all this "digital only" public broadcast TV crap, having to buy new televisions or converter boxes.

Anonymous said...

Marge Markey - the symbol of why our area in the past 4 years has gone down the tubes, while she stood by letting developers and now telcos destroy the small community character of Maspeth and Elmhurst. Does she work for these outfits or accept contributions from them? Crappy can you point us to where her campaigne contributions come from?

Taxpayer said...

The primary concern regarding these cell towers is the health damage they produce.

But, it is against federal law for a community to consider those health concerns.

Who made that prohibition part of the federal law?

The Telcos and corrupt politicians at the federal and local level?

Since when are sovereign citizens forbidden to take into account all their concerns when evaluating giving permission for a cell tower anywhere - residential or industrial?

Think of this: we can successfully object to a tower's height, but not the fact that is continuously emitting microwaves into infants, children and the elderly.

At hearings regarding these towers, the free speech of citizens objecting to the towers is censored by the government agency, if that spoken or written objection starts to relate to the microwave health hazards.

And this is still the USA, where every official - elected or appointed - has sworn to defend and protect the Constitution?

Better start tossing these people out on their lazy, ignorant, corrupt asses, folks!

-Joe said...

Who made that prohibition part of the federal law?

Bill Clinton and that shit Powell.Jr when he ran the FCC.
It was the Telecommunications act of 96.
It also made it possoble for people like Clear Channel, Viacom & Mardoch to own 1/3 of Billboards, TV, Radio and Newsprint per market.
Bildo ws to busy with his Monica's to read more then the first 6 pages.
It also allowed selling off all public TV frequencys.

Broadcasters now own there over the air broadcast frequencys and can make them subscribtion at any time.
Under this scam public funded Channels like 13 and 21 (WLIW) will be gone come Febuary since they cant afford to buy a Frequency and go 100% digital.
The whole thing is so currupt and $$ greedy it's mind blowing.

Over the air "rabbit Ear" TV viewing will be tagged and taxed "pay per use" soon just like Pattersons new RF ID and LIDAR licence plates

-Joe said...

Better start tossing these people out on their lazy, ignorant, corrupt asses, folks!
Wont happen,to many sheeple watching "American Kareoke" or Jenna T&A monkey poo eating contest (on the widscreen) on election night.

The people without the plasma screens, Tweeds, Buks, Asians and illegels are the people voting.

Ed Koch was right..."The people are going to pay dearly if the dont get off their tuches"

georgetheatheist said...

Where the hell are my converter box coupons?!?! I requested them a year ago. Nada. Have any of you received these?

-Joe said...

No more converter box coupons !
...and if you have them they are worthless.

The $$ was re-allocated for the emergency bank & GM bailout's

OBama may reverse the deal requiring broadcasters to turn off VHF and UHF analog.
If so you wont need the converter boxes.

Those were taxpayer owned frequencys for public broadcast.
The bastareds only allocated 2 billion of the 450 billion dollar sale sale for coupons un the first place. (2 per home)

Now they say they are broke since 1/2 the countrys $$ sits offshore in the Bahamas, S France and Israel

Anonymous said...

This is more of a city council issue. The state has only so much say. The building codes and regulations are set by the city as well as the regulations of where a cell tower can be place. There are even cell towers in church's . In the steeples of church's throughout the city.
Beside being unsightly there's the health concerns. These towers are everywhere and you nor I have a say whatsoever. Just look at any Building 50 ft or higher, or a building with a clear range of site.
I waiting for the city to allow them in parks, golf courses,city schools.YES THEY EVEN MAKE ThEM LOOK LIKE TREES. They have them upstate.
Also do follow the money trail. It's public information. I don't believe you'll find money from cell operators in Assembly Member Markey's donations.
They prefer to give to Fcc and zoning members.
The city council need to change the building codes also. Although with this economy I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she won re-election.Useless..............

Anonymous said...

Anyone can get elected by riding Obama's coat tails