Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cops busted for illegal bust

From the NY Times:

Two undercover narcotics officers have been charged with lying about a sting operation in Queens after one of the men they accused of selling drugs produced video evidence showing the officers had had no contact with him or three other men they arrested.

The two, Police Officer Henry Tavarez, 27, and Detective Stephen Anderson, 33, surrendered to the authorities on Thursday and were arraigned in Queens Supreme Court.

The charges include conspiracy, unlawful imprisonment and official misconduct, he said. If convicted, they face up to nine years in state prison.

2 Undercover Narcotics Officers Are Accused of Faking Charges Against 4 Men


Anonymous said...

No comments anyone?

Anonymous said...

Sad and disturbing if true. What else is there to say.

kane said...

Imagine if there had been no video camera to exonerate the innocent.