Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Woodside cat killer

...we now find out about a feline found dead amidst suspicious circumstances in Woodside. The scene of the crime: a basement. The murder weapons: meat, plastic. The motive: that's what "Animal Protective Services" is trying to find out.

Queens' Cat Squad is Watching for THE ANIMAL KILLER


georgetheatheist said...

The Killer is:

Tom Lehrer

Anonymous said...

What a surprise this would happen here.Its too bad the previous "constructive blog page" it came from had a post thinking this was funny.Maybe this was the part of the world(NYC) that made up all the dumb cat metaphors because there sure is no shortage of sad people doing things like this around here.
For every 10 people doing cat rescue in a neighborhood theres 5 times as many putting animals on street, but thats changing.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree, it's not funny at all! Maybe they think it's funny to kill stray cats but what happens when it's someone's pet dog?

Anyway, Crappy, I am glad you posted this because I will warn my neighbor, whose dog will eat anything off the street.

Anonymous said...

there is more concern for cats than people or tenants in Woodside.

probably some superintendent from Kososovo or slumlord who thinks it's funny did this, the same bunch who don't do repairs or provide heat and hot water or fix leaks. they can get away with murder because the long time residents are all brain dead

Anonymous said...

what is "shop meat"?