Friday, November 7, 2008

Willets Point owners still threatened with eminent domain

As next week's deadline nears for the City Council to approve the city's controversial Willets Point development plan, the city says it's making significant progress. But others disagree.

See video: Willets Point Deal Still Facing Opposition


Anonymous said...

boy the video really shows what a sh!t hole the iron triangle really is.

Anonymous said...

As distasteful as the use of eminent domain in this case would be for the property owners, even worse will be the negative effects of this needless redevelopment on residents of existing, surrounding communities, as well as commuters.

The FGEIS and CPC admit that the proposed redevelopment will cause significant unmitigatable traffic congestion. CB7's Land Use Committee Chairman stated, "There are traffic mitigation issues that just don't work." Expert traffic consultant Bernard Adler testified that the unmitigatable traffic to be produced by the proposed Willets Point redevelopment is the worst that he has encountered during his 40 year career. A CPC Commissioner even joked facetiously: "I suppose you're going to schedule all of the conventions on non-game days?"

The redevelopment, if allowed to proceed, will routinely create severe around-the-clock traffic congestion of the type that presently only exits during rare stadium game times. The congestion, every day, will be caused by the commuting residents of the proposed 5,500 housing units; the employees and patrons of the 1,500,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and offices; the guests staying at the hotel; and the thousands of attendees and exhibitors coming and going from the convention center. There is simply insufficient roadway infrastructure to handle the increased traffic effect of the proposed Willets Point redevelopment, without negatively impacting the residents of surrounding neighborhoods as well as commuters, reducing their quality of life. And considering the number of key roadways that intersect near Willets Point, the proposed redevelopment will have far-reaching negative effects.

When that nightmare becomes "the new normal," residents and commuters are going to be absolutely livid, especially because it's all avoidable.

The recent inappropriate concentration on the percentage of private property under contract to the City, and the percentage of affordable housing, has distracted from any meaningful analysis of the myriad reasons why the proposed redevelopment is a bad idea. It is now time to focus attention on that.

The proposal must be killed, regardless of the percentage of property deals and afordable housing.

Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death and Taxes - the financial guru who never saw this financial crisis coming - will not use our tax money for schools, sewers, police or fire protection. He has no use for keeping his oath of office (no payback).

But, there's always the $5 BILLION to splurge on extremely wealthy developers who can easily afford the required paybacks. Oh. That $5 Billion, it belongs to the taxpayers. The land and the businesses, that private property belongs to private owners, who never offered to sell their private property.

The Iron Triangle is officially NOT a shit hole - the Commissar itself finally confessed that was a shit hole lie.

Anonymous said...

Our tax money allocated to training firefighters will now be used to pay for this Willets Point
(Wellington Pointe) hand job!

Let Muss and Wilpon foot the bill since the "clean up" benefits them more directly!

I, for one, am not in the habit of investing MY TAX MONEY without receiving a piece of the action.

What's each taxpayer's share of the WP profits Frau Shulman?

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't post
that video of Evan Stavisky cruising the "tea rooms" at City Hall
for "The Parkside Group".

"....Said he with a grin
as he wiped off his chin...."!

Anonymous said...

Tea room? Is that what they're calling the member lounge these days?

Anonymous said...

MOnserrate is negotiating his final terms of surrender to vote for approval of the Master Plan.

Warm up the bull dozers boys and girls./

Anonymous said...

mr evan is back. we should warm the dozers for mommy's house with you in it-- jerk off like destroying peoples lives is funny

Anonymous said...

Read Crain's dope.. That's the source

Anonymous said...

Read Crain's dope.. That's the source