Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Veterans Day Story

Larry Kahn is a New York native who was born on June 14, 1919, Flag Day. It seems only appropriate that he decided at the age of 18 to enlist in the United States Army. If asked why he joined the Army, though, his answer would be a desire to fill a simple human need for belonging and have friends as well as a sign of patriotism. He was interested not so much in annihilating the enemy during World War II but more in befriending anyone and anything around him.

From a young boy, Kahn went through cycles of having very close friends and then losing them under his life's particular circumstances. In his household, he always felt disparate and isolated. Finding himself with extra time and entertaining a fantasy to become the next Harry James, he picked up the trumpet and taught himself what he could by ear. But Kahn did more than learn an instrument—he inadvertently saved his own life.

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