Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save the Property Tax Rebate

Councilman Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and started an online petition to save the $400 property tax rebate for homeowners. Recchia is encouraging all New Yorkers to sign the petition at the following link:

“We need to send out these checks, and we need to do it now,” Recchia wrote in his letter to the mayor. “They should have been in the mail already.”

“Every penny counts for New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet. Countless constituents have told me they rely on the rebate check for a variety of activities, from Christmas shopping to home heating costs. Up until recently they have been told by 311 and the Department of Finance that the check would be arriving in late Fall. Many of them are waiting for it, and have already worked it into their budgets. To rescind it now is tantamount to taking $400 out of their hands.”

The petition will remain featured in the sidebar for your convenience.


Taxpayer said...

Notice the timing the Commissar uses: For extending terms of office, he waited until exactly the day after it was too late to place the question on the ballot as a referendum.

Now, he waits until the budget numbers are out to decide to pull the tax rebate. Yet, he was promising that "the check is in the mail" for months.

But, we need this Commissar because he's a "Financial Guru", who alone out of all New Yorkers, is the "titan of commerce" to fix all the budget failures (he made them) and the financial system collapse (he never saw it coming).

Yeah. We really DO need the moron who participated in devastating the economy.

Do we really need to spend our money on an idiotic land and business seizure for transfer to astonishingly wealthy private developers, plus $5 Billion handed to them?

Do we really need to take this high risk, especially when any profit is kept by the developers and shared with the Commissar, while, we taxpayers pick up the tab?

Just remember the extravagant resort travel by AIG officers, and the big dollar bonuses for the "masters of the universe" at the various banks and brokers? They were using OUR money!

That's a preview of the rip-offs planned by the Commissar and his developer cronies once our money is in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bloomberg:
We the people would like to have our real estate taxes lowered this year by $400 instead receiving a rebate check of $400. A rebate sounds like a gift back to us but in fact it what we paid or over-paid to begin with.

You say the NYC need money? Why are we in the buisness of buying property in Willet Point? Why is our city becoming a property developer for other developers? Stop this practice and our property taxes can be even lower! Why must you insist that redevelopment and monument building is good for us little people? Look at the new Jet-Giant staduim in NJ - seat licences for up to 400K - wow what a deal that is too bad you lost out on the West side stadium - I can go to Citi or Yankee stadiums now and spend 100 bucks on a cheap seat with a bad view - what a deal I won't even take my kid along - great excuse huh, I can't afford it! This place will be really full in this economy - maybe I can sit near you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We used to receive a rebate check of $400 (NYC residents). How come it's only 131 Dollars now??

Anonymous said...

Recchia is a pig, don't bother with his petition. He was the main cheerleader for overturning the will of the people to extend his jobs

Anonymous said...

How about they use the infamous slush fund for tax-payer relief instead of for fake "member items"?

I do not expect my taxes to fund councilmembers' slush funds. It is an outrage.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A $400 rebate wouldn't buy me and my family tickets to a Broadway show
in my own damn city!

You can keep it provided you shove it up your ass Mayor Mike!

Anonymous said...

I got one question: As a Councilman didn't Mr. Recchia know that the Council would have to sign off on rescinding the rebate or is just out of the loop? What a moron.