Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sanders out of intensive care after car accident

If I had realized it was this serious, I would have posted about it sooner:

Sanders Released From Intensive Care

The wife of City Councilman James Sanders of Queens declined to say whether her husband can walk at the moment, or when he’s expected to return to work after he was hospitalized following a major car accident on Saturday,

“He came out of the intensive care unit today,” said Sanders’ wife, Andrea in a brief telephone interview this afternoon. “I expect a full recovery.”

Sanders is being treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital, she said.

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Shared View in the 31st said...

First let me start off by saying " I hope the best for councilman Sanders". Now.... This is typical of his wife (a former staffer) and the long list of other staffers who have worked in his various offices a.k.a "the revolving door". This Councilman hopefully will not benefit and get voted out from the term limits law that he voted "Yes" for! If this happens this will make him the first Council person in the 31st to leave with "No Legacy" (meaning he has done nothing of great importance for us in the district like, for example Councilman Avella in his). Over the years the councilman has allowed for his/my district to become over developed and actually tried to take credit for plans he fought various community civics on for 7 years!. The Councilman has one of the highest absentee records in the City Council. The Councilman has one of the highest travel accounts in the City Council thus far( our taxpayer dollars at use!) and all this happens while he of course is traveling to stay at a site that he was " allegedly" going to use for an outing for kids....Now that's real " Queens Crapola!"