Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rat Tracker debuts

The city wants to make sure rats have no place to hide, at least online.

A Rat Information Portal, complete with a searchable map of rat inspections and violations, debuted Thursday on the city's Web site.

Beyond providing advice on rousting the rodents, the site aims to encourage residents to act as rat watchdogs, using the map to track trouble spots and pressure property owners who are slow to address them.

The rat portal, which also offers everything from photos of rat droppings to tips on choosing an exterminator, is the city's latest move to turn up the heat on the rodents.

In recent years, the city has dispatched inspectors with handheld computers to canvass neighborhoods for signs of the vermin, hired a renowned rodent expert and stepped up efforts to evict the pests from parks.

NYC Residents: Use Your Mouse to Track Rats Online


Taxpayer said...

Will all kinds of rats be reported this way?

I'd like to report a massive number of rats throughout city hall.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taxpayer, you forgot the biggest and ugliest rat of them all, it called DennisPeeGallagher, the yellow tooth mostly pink species that lives under Dry Harbor Rd off 64th Road.

It usually attacks senior citizens, especially women.

Anonymous said...

What's a debute?

Queens Crapper said...

A typo.