Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pepsi sign on the move

The move along the LIC waterfront in Gantry Plaza State Park is just a couple hundred yards, but developer Rockrose's The View is called that for a reason, and a big old advertisement getting in the way just won't do. The neon sign first migrated to ground level in 2004 when the old Pepsi bottling plant was demolished. It has dotted the Queens landscape since the '30s.

LIC Landmark Begins March to Final Resting Place


KG2V said...

I happened to go by it on the way to the crab house on Sunday post marathon, and said "where is most of the sign?"

Anonymous said...

Oh great! Curbed real estate, broker blog most of the time that just promotes itself.Those bright real estate model photos look so fake with the super green grass, and lit up East river water on curbed.Coastal erosion is a bitch so enjoy the flat screens, and gym....and Standard oil particles.Oh my kidneys.

Anonymous said...

They bulldoze the entire neighborhood and save one freaken sign


Anonymous said...

And they slowly push out people who have homes there for the last 50 years and more.Its gonna bite them in the ass.Maybe theyll overdose on flat screens,expensive presentation food, and prozac.